espresso cup - 6 pieces


The cup specially designed for our blends

Sweet even without sugar

Exquisite coffee, medium toasting

We choose only the best origins

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espresso cup - 6 pieces

Did you know that the cup is important to better enjoy an excellent coffee?

Yes, because its shape, its material, its thickness, its diameter and color depend on the success or otherwise of a perfect espresso.

For this reason the Ernani cup has been designed to offer the maximum result, both in visual, gustatory and olfactory terms, as well as having a modern, clean and linear appearance, perfect for making coffee the true protagonist of the experience.

  • The ideal material for making a professional cup is hard feldspathic porcelain cooked at a temperature of around 1400 ° C. Ernani has in fact chosen precisely this material, as it summarizes characteristics of wear resistance, hygiene, optimal heat retention, registering a slower heat dispersion than any other material, and aesthetic appearance, thanks to its long-lasting brilliance
  • The thickness is used to calibrate the temperature of the espresso; in fact the lower part of the cup is thicker in order to better preserve the heat, while the upper part is slightly thinner, to offer a pleasant sensation in contact with the lips. The initial temperature of the cup must be 40 ° C, to maintain the compactness of the body of the coffee, the temperature of the espresso and the color of the cream for longer
  • The particular shape has been designed to enhance the taste, aroma and appearance of the espresso. The reduced circumference in fact allows the persistence and competence over time of the cream, promoting the best perception of perfumes, thanks to the reduced dispersion of the air of the same. The internal bottom follows the classic elliptical "egg" shape to avoid the flaking of the cream at the moment of extraction and favoring the creation of the typical stripes of the same, and to keep its compactness and color longer
  • The capacity is 65 c.c., suitable to meet the perfect espresso rule, 25c.c. of coffee brewed in 25 seconds
  • The white, bright and shiny color of the feldspathic porcelain is the most suitable for the interior of the cup, because it facilitates the evaluation of the espresso and, thanks to the strong color contrast, enhances the warm and inviting color of the espresso cream
  • The handle is pleasant to grip with two fingers, avoiding the direct contact of the middle finger with the body of the cup, which could cause an annoying sensation of heat

Data sheet
espresso cup - 6 pieces

Cup size 65c.c. | 60mm (diameter)
Saucer size 105 mm (diameter)
Material Ceramic
Description Pack containing 6 cups and 6 saucer

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