Medium roasting

Ethiopian Sidamo 250 gr. ground coffee


Gourmet Coffee

Balanced, with a delicate body and a fine acidity

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Ethiopian Sidamo 250 gr. ground coffee

Balanced, with a delicate body and a fine acidity

Like all Arabica coffees, it has a higher acidity, compared to those traditionally extracted in espresso Italy, but nevertheless it remains delicate and pleasant on the palate, prevailing on bitterness. The acidity is conferred not only by the Arabica quality, but also by the method of processing the coffee berry; being washed, it gives it greater acidity.

The aroma is intense with fruity hints of citrus, with notes of milk chocolate and tea leaves.

Overall, this single origin is balanced, with a soft, delicate and clean body.

The most refined palates will be intrigued by its aromatic complexity.

The Sidamo specialty is suitable for you if you are looking for particular and interesting aromatic notes in your cup of coffee, where sweetness and acidity will prevail over bitterness. Furthermore, thanks to the low caffeine content, it can be consumed even in the late hours of the afternoon or evening.

These berries are harvested by hand, with the hand picking method, by expert growers, who select and then collect only the best and perfectly ripe berries.

Thanks to medium roasting, our green coffee beans can express themselves at their best, releasing interesting and complex aromas.

Ernani offers you the opportunity to taste it comfortably at home or in the office. You will be able to repeat the experience whenever you want and offer your guests an excellent welcome, an intense relational moment or a splendid end of the meal, to end in style and leave your dearest friends and family speechless.

The package contains 250 gr of ground coffee, of the Ethiopian Sidamo.

The grinds available cover all needs, going from the traditional extraction for dialetti moka pot, for espresso, the classic Italian coffee symbol, to exotic coffees, to filter and pour over, to Turkish, or to the great Gaggia and Neapolitan classics. They are rigorously ground on-demand, therefore only when an order request is made. After that they will be immediately packaged and sent by courier within the same day, to offer a fresh and quality coffee delivered directly to you, according to your needs and desires.

Finally, the beans are stored in a sealed bag, self-protected and bearing a one way-directional valve, which allows the coffee to breathe, without allowing oxygen to enter and therefore oxidize the coffee itself. In this way it is possible to keep the ground fresh and aromatic even after several months.


  • 250 gr net weight 
  • Roasted coffee beans and grounded 
  • Packaged under protective atmosphere with unidirectional valve

Data sheet
Ethiopian Sidamo 250 gr. ground coffee

Tasting notes Citrus fruits, milk chocolate and tea leaves
Intensity 5
Body 5/9
Sweetness 5/9
Bitterness 3/9
Acidity 7,5
Aroma intensity 8,5
Roast Medium
Suitable for Those looking for a coffee balanced between acidity and sweetness, fresh and with a moderate caffeine content
Origins Ethiopia
Place Siamo, Ethiopia
Elevation 1800 m slm
Crop Picking
Process Washed
Varieties Arabica
Sidamo Scheda Caffè

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