Medium roasting

Brazilian Santos women's coffee 250 gr. ground


A socio-sustainable coffee, with a sensual and feminine aromatic profile, grown, harvested and processed by women.

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Brazilian Santos women's coffee 250 gr. ground

The Caffè delle Donne (Coffee of Women) is a single origin from the Chachoeira fazanda in Brazil, grown, harvested and processed from a very particular plantation, which is part of an association: the IWCA, the International Alliance of Women in Coffee.

Everywhere, more and more women are becoming an essential part of the process, occupying positions of power and revolutionizing the coffee world.

The IWCA is a global network that unites and supports the enterprise of millions of women around the world, operating in more than 22 countries.

The key aspect is the fact that it guarantees everyone the opportunity to lead a dignified, sustainable and meaningful life.

It strives to be able to offer equal job opportunities to both genders, as well as to protect the work itself, avoiding the exploitation of farmers. The IWCA wants to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of this industry, as well as help them lead a better life.

The Café delle Donne is a Brazilian Santos that grows at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level.

It is harvested with great care and processed with the natural method, then leaving the drupes containing the beans to dry in the sun. This will bring greater sweetness in the extraction phase, as well as give a greater body and cream to the drink.

It is a coffee with a complex and intriguing aroma, fully reflecting a sensual female profile.

It immediately presents sweet notes of almond and red fruits, which are then balanced by a fresh and pleasant tartaric acidity, reminiscent of yellow grapefruit.

To balance it all, more bitter notes of cocoa and spices arrive later, while always remaining soft and gentle notes.

It is suitable for those looking for a balanced, fresh and particular coffee, with a reduced caffeine content, therefore to be tasted even at late hours, as well as being socially sustainable.

Thanks to the medium roasting, the quality green coffee beans can express themselves at its best, releasing every strong aroma, therefore preferring sensations of sweetness and acidity, compared to those of bitterness: try it even without sugar, it will be incredible!

Thanks to medium roasting, our green coffee beans can express themselves at their best, releasing interesting and complex aromas.

Ernani offers you the opportunity to taste it comfortably at home or in the office. You will be able to repeat the experience whenever you want and offer your guests an excellent welcome, an intense relational moment or a splendid end of the meal, to end in style and leave your dearest friends and family speechless.

The package contains 250 gr of grinded coffee, of the Columbian Supremo.

The grinds available cover all needs, going from the traditional extraction for dialetti moka pot, for espresso, the classic Italian coffee symbol, to exotic coffees, to filter and pour over, to Turkish, or to the great Gaggia and Neapolitan classics. They are rigorously ground on-demand, therefore only when an order request is made. After that they will be immediately packaged and sent by courier within the same day, to offer a fresh and quality coffee delivered directly to you, according to your needs and desires.

Finally, the beans are stored in a sealed bag, self-protected and bearing a one way-directional valve, which allows the coffee to breathe, without allowing oxygen to enter and therefore oxidize the coffee itself. In this way it is possible to keep the ground fresh and aromatic even after several months.


  • 250 gr net weight 
  • Roasted coffee beans and grounded 
  • Packaged under protective atmosphere with unidirectional valve

Data sheet
Brazilian Santos women's coffee 250 gr. ground

Tasting notes Mandorla, frutti rossi, pompelmo e cacao
Intensity 6
Body 5/9
Sweetness 4,5/9
Bitterness 4/9
Acidity 6/9
Aroma intensity 6/9
Roast Medium
Suitable for Chi cerca un caffè equilibrato, fresco e particolare, oltre che socio-sostenibile
Origins Brazil arabica, Congo robusta
Place Azienda Chachoeira, Brasile
Elevation 1000m slm
Crop Picking e Stripping in seconda fase
Process Natural
Varieties Arabica
Valutazione degli esperti 84/100
Caffè delle donne Scheda Caffè

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Dal 1909, ogni anno, oltre mezzo milione di persone assapora i nostri caffè in torrefazione a Milano. Ora puoi gustarlo direttamente a casa tua

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