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Discovery coffee box - beans


Take a sensory journey among the 4 different types of coffee!

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Discovery coffee box - beans

* The photos may not be representative of the product: the content and types of coffee may change at our discretion.

Not sure which coffee to choose? Let us advise you!

We have created a Discovery Box containing 4 packs of 250 grams of coffee beans each.

Together with the Discovery Box you will also get a discount code, included in the package, for your next purchase!

You will find:

  • 1 Social / eco-sustainable coffee, perfect for learning more about the world of coffee;
  • 1 Single origin or a 100% Arabica blend, in order to understand what is meant by pleasant acidity in the cup and aromatic intensity, in addition to the aromatic variety that these coffees express;
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of Arabica, to find out if the coffee that best suits your tastes is the one with a greater aromatic intensity, and notable fragrances, balanced however by a soft bitterness and with a round body;
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of Robusta or a 100% Robusta blend, to find out if the more intense, creamier and more bitter coffees, as well as with a higher caffeine content, are the best for you!

With this box it is in fact possible to taste the 4 aromatic spectra of coffee. You will find out which coffee is best suited to your tastes!

Once you find out you will have a discount code to use for your next order!

Thanks to the medium roast, the quality raw coffee beans can express themselves at their best, releasing all their aromas, thus preferring sensations of sweetness and acidity, over those of bitterness: try it even without sugar, it will be incredible!

Taste it from the comfort of your home or office. So you can repeat the experience whenever you want and offer your guests a great welcome, an intense relational moment or a splendid end of meal, to leave your closest friends and family speechless.

The box, modern and compact, contains 4 packs of 250 g each of coffee beans.

The beans are the best way to keep all the aromas present in the roasted bean in the best possible way, which are released in the very moment of grinding, giving a greater aromatic charge to your cup.

Finally, the coffee beans are stored inside a sealed, self-protected bag with a one-way valve, which allows the coffee to breathe, without allowing oxygen to enter and therefore oxidize the coffee itself. In this way it is possible to keep the coffee fresh and intensely aromatic even after several months.

Each package is prepared at the time of the order placed by you to always guarantee the maximum freshness possible, as if freshly toasted.


  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Packaged and sealed with one-way valve
  • 1000 gr net weight e

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Discovery coffee box - beans

Roast Medium
Suitable for Chi è curioso di scoprire i diversi gusti del caffè

Compila il test e scopri la miscela perfetta per te!


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