Blue Diamond 20 capsules
compatibili Nespresso


Sweet gentle acidity meets intense aroma

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Caffè sempre fresco consegnato alla tua porta

Sweet even without sugar

Exquisite coffee, medium toasting

We choose only the best origins

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Blue Diamond 20 capsules

Sweet gentle acidity meets intense aroma

The Blue Diamond blend is made up of only quality Arabica beans.

The espresso extraction gives this coffee a fine texture and a clean body with almost no bitterness. The pleasant acidity immediately leaves the scene to a marked and persistent sweetness, which remains in the memory along with a great aromatic variety.

The aftertaste is complex, fresh, citrus, floral, with notes of white chocolate and malt.

The Blue Diamond blend is suitable for you if you are looking for an aromatic and light coffee, fresh and aromatice, with a lower percentage of caffeine. For this reason it is also suitable for those who tolerate little caffeine or for those who like to drink a cup of coffee even at a late hour.

Thanks to medium roasting, our green coffee beans can express themselves at their best, releasing interesting and complex aromas.

The most refined palates will be intrigued by its aromatic complexity.

Ernani offers you the opportunity to taste it comfortably at home or in the office, through Nespresso compatible capsules. You will be able to repeat the experience whenever you want and offer your guests an excellent welcome, an intense relational moment or a splendid end of the meal, to end in style and leave your dearest friends and family speechless.

The package is modern and compact, containing 20 capsules of the Blue Diamond blend.

Finally, each capsule is self-protected in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere. In this way, no additional secondary packaging is required that wraps every single capsule, creating unnecessary plastic waste. In addition, coffee is protected from oxidation caused by oxygen, thus maintaining the aromatic complexity and taste of the coffee intact even after several months.


  • 20 capsules compatible with home machine Nespresso (registered trademark of society de products nestle SA)
  • Packaged under protective atmosphere 
  • 100 gr net weight 

Data sheet
Blue Diamond 20 capsules

Tasting notes White chocolate and malt
Intensity 4
Body 4/9
Sweetness 6,5/9
Bitterness 2/9
Acidity 7/9
Aroma intensity 8/9
Roast Medium
Suitable for Those looking for a light and aromatic coffee
Origins India arabica, Brazil arabica, Colombia arabica, Mexico arabica
Scheda caffè Blue Diamond 2

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