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A yellow-footed tiny mouse

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A yellow-footed tiny mouse

Mickey Mouse was born in 1928 and since that time he wears large, yellow shoes, the only element that has always been constant, despite his many stylistic evolutions.

In 1940, Mickey Mouse was one of the protagonists of Fantasia a movie now described by critics as the best cartoon of all time, but that was not welcomed at the beginning because the attempt to represent classical music through cartoons was perceived as an invasion of “true” culture.

Ee made a bold choice when we named our simple roastery after Ernani’s opera by Verdi but we think we can learn something more from this little mouse when it comes to be bold.

Mickey is very smart and honest, courageous and determined. It is never won for and, even in the face of difficulties, it is – by definition – optimistic and enthusiastic.

These are the characteristics that have made him loved by everyone and still make him welcome into our homes every day.

How can you not you be inspired by his yellow shoes and all his positive features? Hurrah Mickey Mouse!

Thanks to JD Hancock for the picture

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