The real Medium Roast

We love coffee, so we want to savor every aromatic nuance of it, hence the choice to use only Medium Roast.

Coffee is family for us.
We take care of every aspect!

A history that smells of coffee, since 1909.

We want to pass on passion and knowledge, along with really good coffee.

This goal is achieved with the Ernani Academy, a perfect place for all Coffee Lovers to delve into every aspect of the magical bean and exchange tips and ideas!

Our coffee

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Our team

About us

Our entire team has a 360-degree knowledge of Green Coffee, Roasting, Coffee Making, Tasting, and Coffee Extraction.

Paolo Sangalli
Head Roaster and commercial agent
Luca Mazzoleni
Sales manager and commercial agent
Claudia Viganò
CEO and accountant
Martina Mazzoleni
Marketing specialist and e-commerce manager
Renzo Bozzato
Mechanical assistance manager
Andrea Mazzoleni
Roaster and production manager
Alessandro Rinaldi
Davide Sequi
Commercial agent
Luigi Musci
Store Manager
Monia Vigerzi
Assistant Manager
Andrea Nesticò
Head barista
Cristian Ajroldi
Mark Laranang
Martina De Luca
Alma Lushi

Our history
All started in the 1900s

The historic roasting of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan was born in 1909.

It is the beginning of the 1900s, Milan is a city in full development and ferment. It is a time of revolution and growth for the automotive and aeronautical industries, for culture and design, for the arts and crafts.

Lots of news and also a pleasant scent of coffee. Right at this moment in Milan the espresso machine was perfected and in 1909 the shop in Corso Buenos Aires welcomed its first customers.

Thus, together with the unmistakable roasted aroma, the roasting company begins to spread an authentic passion for coffee on the streets.

eranani distribuzione

The Caffè Sele distribution
was born in 1998.

The distribution was born in 1998 to be able to bring the passion for coffee into the channel. with the aim of building a valuable partnership network, with which to spread the goodness of quality coffee.

Offering unforgettable daily pleasure is the basis of all distribution work.

Roasting in 2002
change ownership.

In 2002 the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires becomes the property of Luca and Claudia.

Luca and Claudia decided to take over the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires, 20. The goal was clear in the minds of the couple: to be able to control the offer and the service, to maximize the tasting experience in the restaurant.

Educating and training the baristas of the roasting was essential to be able to pass their passion for coffee directly to customers, together with a high quality service.

Was born in 2015
the Caffè Ernani production laboratory

Thanks to the continuous training of all the employees of Caffè Ernani, the need to personally produce one’s own coffee became more and more necessary.

We wanted to raise quality and have control over the entire supply chain, from production to administration.

Thus began an assiduous research in the selection of quality raw coffees, together with continuous production innovations to refine the techniques and improve the blends.

This work has never stopped and will never stop. Research and continuous training are the basis for improvement.

... and shortly after
the need to create e-commerce.

After the creation of the laboratory, the distribution and the Torrefazione in Milan, they wanted to reach even more people, to offer a moment of pleasure to anyone.

From this, e-commerce was born. Useful tool that allows us to reach out to all Coffee Lovers around the world and always stay in touch with them.

And it doesn't stop there!
The history of Caffè Ernani continues.

Strong attachment to traditions and the city of Milan, courage, visionary spirit: these were the values that the “Ernani-style” hat represented in the tumultuous period leading up to the 5 Days of Milan.

Thanks to a famous Verdi opera that shaped this “political fable,” the Meneghine city soon found its own symbol in the power struggle that dominated it.

We share with this elegantly shaped hat the same connection with traditions, with the history of a revolutionary Milan and a country of universal beauty. And by symbolically wearing this hat, we want to export these values everywhere, along with authentic 100% Italian Ernani Coffee.

Every day new chapters are added to our story of love and passion.
We want to share this with you.
We look forward to seeing you at our workshop!


over half a million customers served and satisfied every year


customers including Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Patisseries


We ship our coffees to more than 34 countries

Our customers

Here's what they say about us

Ernani, the best café in Milan, in central Corso Buenos Aires. Characterized by the friendliness and professionalism of the barmaids and baristas, the choice of coffees (also on sale) also.

Silvana De Lorenzi

If you want to get a really good coffee the stop is a must, the best in the Buenos Aires area. What's more, being a roastery you can buy coffee.

Rita Gloria Giussani

Excellent... I bought the tasting box and so far I have tasted only one type of coffee. I absolutely loved it!.

Leonardo Landucci

The quality is great, the price is low, we have been ordering it for years and we are happy with it...the aftertaste then is great, I would not change coffee.

Antonio Zanotti

Fast support beyond expectation. Very kind, fast shipping, product received as expected. Excellent coffee.


The coffee is outstanding, the best I have tried so far, especially Blue diamond.

Cristina Podoleani

Outstanding! Excellent coffee with medium roast. I bought the 200 kit, which this time finally comes with a flyer describing the different qualities. Excellent.


Always perfect. Service and quality. One of my favorite e-commerce. I drink the Armonia blend that I grind at home at the moment and the result is very satisfactory also.


Excellent coffee and professionalism. I've been ordering Ernani's various coffees when I can for years now and they have never let me down, I always find everything perfect, from the.

Marco Di Pasquale

I tried this roastery that I did not know more than anything else I wanted to choose a better coffee. I found them to be very fast and the coffee.

Maui Parma

First-rate products as always, very kind Carolina at the cash register and also the gentleman who served us two excellent coffees! Highest competence and courtesy, across the board.

Federica Gambaretto

The best coffee in the area.

Annalisa Barreca

Excellent roastery, many blends to choose from. Kind and helpful staff despite the always high turnout.

Daniele Ellero

Coffee shop with classic setting, excellent coffee, efficient customer service, young and friendly staff.

Rossella Amendola

A historic store on Corso Buenos Aires, it welcomes you to an aromatic atmosphere of coffee beans and ground coffee. Their Guatemalan packets perfume all the pantry cabinets..

Cecilia Angela Rabà

It has been a long time since I have tasted such good coffee.

Orietta Verdiani

Good coffee

even without sugar

Try our coffee

you will fall in love with it!

Ernani Coffee Laboratory

Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
+39 375 6879940
[email protected]
Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 19, 20832 Desio (MB)

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