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Hi Carolina! Another great little woman from the Ernani family.
When did you start your journey in this company?

I am quite new to the Ernani team, I only started in July 2019, but immediately I felt I was integrated into the group and I felt at home.
In fact, mutual aid and complicity have never been lacking!

Well, when you say “start on the right foot”!
But did you integrate immediately because you already had experience in the sector and therefore you already knew how to move?

Yes that’s right, I have several years of experience in the entire horeca sector. I started as a dishwasher, then as an assistant cook, then as a waitress and then also experienced the work behind the counter, so working in a team was already part of my world for some time. I particularly liked the last role, that of a bartender, and I decided to continue on this path.

Well I’m really happy with it.
Why this passion for the counter?

Well first of all because it gives me the opportunity to get involved personally, personally creating what my customers will then consume and it gives me great satisfaction to see people’s appreciation for my product.

It also made me who I am now, helped me overcome my shyness and my reserve. Now I like to relate to people, have the chance to talk to them and get to know them better.
Direct contact with the public in all the other roles has always been a bit lacking. I like being able to improve someone’s day with a smile and good service or even be helpful when my loyal customers come into the Roasting and are a little down in the dumps.

Finally I realized that in this work I have to “put my face”.
It is to me that customers address dissatisfaction, complaints, doubts or questions, as well as compliments and appreciation. It is I, together with the whole roasting team, who personify Ernani, it is I who represent the whole company and the product in front of the customer and this brings with it great responsibilities. And I have to say I like them! 

You’re right! When the customer enters the cafeteria, he does not speak to the roaster directly, with the management or whoever with whom he created the blends and all the coffees, but speaks with you. You are the “faces” of Caffè Ernani, and it’s nice to hear your awareness of it!
How did you start working in this sector?

I started when I enrolled in university, to have some money of my own and be a little more independent.
Then it became my definitive work and here we are!

Interesting, what were you studying?

I studied psychology for a year, it was really beautiful and fascinating. What I have learned very often I still apply during work!
I am really passionate about the subject!

I guess, psychology must be really engaging. Do you also have other passions?

Yes, absolutely. I have two other great passions: tennis and cooking and I must say that both have always been useful to me at work.
I always love to try new tastes and experiment and thanks to the kitchen I have learned to always combine different flavors and perceive more and more complex and articulated aromas, which make the dish unique.

The same goes for coffee. In fact, during the training days in the laboratory, where we taste our blends in depth, I always have a lot of fun.

Tennis, on the other hand, taught me to be determined, the discipline of hard work and the desire to always improve myself in order to obtain ever higher results.
And most importantly, I learned resilience. For example, in important matches I could not leave room for stress and anxiety, because attention always had to be very high.
Same thing at work, I accept everything as if it were a challenge, even in times when the place is full and customers are in a hurry, I never get overwhelmed, I just think about giving my best, running and always offering the best possible service.

Well I see you convinced and aware of what you want and how to get it.
I just have one question left at this point: what do you like most about the Ernani Roasting?

I will be trivial, I know, but I like the fact that there is a story behind it, I like the research we continue to do on our products, I like that it is a much bigger reality than the simple and classic bar, there is a project at the base that I share and I want to put my own to make it grow and make it become reality.
We are true artists of the product we produce and sell. And this is what customers perceive.

It’s really good to see you so excited.
I wish you a good job and I will come to see you soon at the Roasting and, please, I want to taste a coffee prepared by you!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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