The men of Caffè Ernani: Fabio

I maestri della tostatura media

Fabio, Bar Manager of the Ernani Roasting in Milan.


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Hello Fabio! First of all, thank you for taking your time. I have already learned to know you, but it will surely be an opportunity to discover new things about you!
Let’s get started right away!
Tell me first about your previous professional and educational experiences at Caffè Ernani!

Sure, let’s get started right away!

As a teenager I was studying as a surveyor near my home in Siena, but I immediately realized that sitting all day in class was not for me.

From an early age I had the need to feel independent, I had to “get my hands dirty” and be able to achieve something, creating my own path.

This led me to drop out of school in the third year and I immediately started working.

A possibility had opened next to my sister as a hairdresser, we wanted to grow together and get to open our center.

But unfortunately I discovered an allergy to nickel, a substance present in almost all products in a salon, and I had to reconsider my plans again.

At this point I opted for another profession that fascinated me: the barman, starting to do the evening. Even here, however, I still did not feel in the right profession, it was a job that did not satisfy me.

And here is the turning point: daytime barista in the cafeteria! I had found my path!

So this is how your career as a bar manager started!

Actually yes, but I didn’t know it yet. To understand that I wanted to grow professionally, another shock was needed.

After 5 years everything had become routine, I had turned off a bit at work, I had no more stimuli and I had lost determination.

So I decided to change and move to London, first to learn English and then to have a life experience.

I thank myself every day for having the courage to make this decision, because without London I would not be where I am now.

This is where I really grew up: I started as a warehouse worker and within 5 years I became a store manager and lead a team of people. I understood that the work should not only be the mere achievement of the salary at the end of the month, but that it could be more and above all I could do more!

Courage is an understatement! It is my secret dream to spend a year abroad, but I always find some excuse to postpone! I appreciate your determination and I admire you for what you have managed to learn.
So how did you come to Ernani’s?

Between Brexit and the global pandemic it had become more difficult to stay in England and continue working, so I returned to Italy, but with a new spirit, with the awareness that I had learned a profession and could take it with me!

Then one evening, completely randomly, I met you: you ordered me a drink and we started chatting… and here we are!

Yes I remember that evening! Absurd the coincidences of life, moreover we met in Val d’Aosta!
But clarify a doubt: how did you understand that this was really your job?

I know this because it is the job that unites the two worlds I want to live in: one is the frenetic and sociable one at the counter and the other is the more serious and stimulating one in the office.

Being a barista means being the staple of your customers’ daily lives. Every morning they come by for breakfast and they want to see you and say hello. This fills me with emotions, I don’t know how to explain it… I know we don’t save lives, but we make people smile and it’s enough to love this job.

Then comes the second part, more sedentary, where I take a breath and relax from the frenzy, but which at the same time requires great concentration and attention. Everything must be methodically organized for time and precision, nothing can be left to chance. Every day new ideas are needed to offer customers an improved product and service. Together with the objectives set by the administration, it is truly stimulating!

I understand you, I have now completely moved to the office side, but sometimes being able to spend a few shifts behind the counter is always nice! It takes you back to basics and reminds you of the purpose of our work: to satisfy customers!
Now a more personal question: what do you do in your spare time? Do you have hobbies or passions?

Surely when I am able, I insert some physical activity.

Then I really like animals and I dedicate a lot of my free time to them.

Finally, I am a football and basketball fan, I do not follow all the games because my lifestyle does not allow it, but as soon as I can I watch any game that comes my way. I really like watching the sport itself, not necessarily just my favorite team.

We are almost done, only the last “usual questions” are missing:
  • What do you like most about Ernani?
  • What would you change instead?
  • Why did you choose Ernani?
  • What goal do you have?

I certainly like the philosophy of the company which always and in any case focuses on quality, rather than quantity. I myself want to carry on the concept and become an ambassador of Ernani’s values.

I like the youthful and enterprising environment, with an inexhaustible desire for improvement of both products, services and the workplace.

In Ernani I have the opportunity to grow and make a career, as well as the flexibility and availability of the entire administration.

Then of course I like the colleagues of the roasting company, all available from day one and excellent bartenders from whom I am learning a lot.

I would only change one side of the mentality: I would take away the feeling of family even more. It is actually to be appreciated, because when you enter Ernani you are not a number, but you join the team, like a new member of a small family. But for my vision of the times even less availability and more coldness is needed.

I am sure that over time we will balance well with the administration!

Finally, I chose Ernani precisely because, as I have already said, I can make a career, my goal was to take an Italian coffee shop and bring it to grow. Ernani was starting this process, so why not do it together?

And I am happy that even in Italy there are places like this and not only abroad!

Thanks Fabio, feeling your enthusiasm overwhelms me too.

I am truly honored to be able to collaborate with people like you and I want to grow together, learning from each other and vice versa.

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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