The Caffè Ernani Subscription has arrived!

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Ever heard of subscription coffee?

Well yes, with Caffè Ernani you will never have to remember to buy coffee before finishing it, just subscribe and the coffee will come to you!

A subscription that is 100% customizable and modifiable on your every single need.
How does it work? Let’s find out now!

We have noticed, thanks to our most loyal customers, that in their first orders they bought many different coffees to try them and discover their favourite. Once the most similar type of taste had been identified, they made similar purchases and in constant periods.

So here’s how to simplify this step: subscribe and you won’t have to do anything else!

What’s more, we’ve also added a fixed discount for each renewal for all subscribers!

Immagine con i 5 vantaggi dell'abbonamento Ernani: È comodo, È personalizzabile sulle tue necessità, È facile, Non avrai nessuna sorpresa negativa, Il servizio è flessibile e modificabile!

How to activate your subscription

1. Choose the product, format and quantity you need

In this phase you simply have to choose the coffee or coffees you want to subscribe to, like a normal order.

So go to our Shop, discover the tastes of our products and choose the one that intrigues you the most!

Sometimes it may seem complicated to choose the right coffee or figure out which one might be the most in line with your tastes, but you don’t have to worry, we’ll help you:

  • You can use the filters present in the Ernani Shop, such as for example “blend” or “single origin”, “sour”, “sweet” or “bitter” taste, “chocolate” aroma, “citrus”, “fruit”, “spices ” and many more;
  • Or answer three simple questions and immediately get the answer of the perfect coffee for you!
  • Or again: click on the Whatsapp icon that you see on every page of the site and ask us directly which coffee could be more similar to your tastes! I will answer you personally and as quickly as possible for a 100% personalized consultation on you!

For example, I have now chosen the Blue Diamond blend, 100% Arabica, in beans, in the 1 kg package.

As a quantity I finally chose 1 package.

2. Choose the sending frequency

You can choose whether to make a single purchase or to subscribe and save!

In this case I want to subscribe on a monthly basis.

Attention! If you choose to ship the products every month, the discount will be 5%, while if you opt for delivery every 2 or 3 months, the discount will be 10%!

At this point you just have to click on the “Subscribe” button!

If you are not sure which frequency to choose and which quantity, answer just two questions and we will give you the best solution for you!

3. Make the payment as a normal order

Now go in the cart and enter the data for shipping and the payment method only this time.

That’s enough! You’ll never have to do anything again, unless you want to change it yourself.

The coffee will arrive at your home as frequently as you request and you just have to taste it!

The most frequently asked questions

Can I subscribe to different products?

Of course, the subscription works exactly like a normal cart, so if you want to subscribe to more products, repeat step 1 with as many coffees as you want.

For example: add 1kg of Blue Diamond, then 250g of ground Allegro for the moka and finally 250g filter ground of Colombia Finca la Meseta.

Do all products have to have the same renewal frequency?

Not necessarily!

If you know, for example, that everyone in the family prepares the mocha with the Allegro in the morning, but every now and then in the afternoon only one person prefers a more delicate single origin, it is obvious that less will be consumed.

You can therefore ask for five packs of Allegro with renewal every month and only 1 single-origin pack with renewal every two months.

Where can I find all the information about my subscription?

Just enter your user profile on and view the "Subscription" section.
You will find them:
- The day you signed up for the subscription and therefore the day of the next renewal. For example, if you subscribed today, Thursday 12 January, every two months, you will have the next renewal on 12 March. Don't worry, one day before the renewal we will remind you that the coffee is about to arrive!
- The chosen frequency
- The list of products you have subscribed to and their quantity

Can I change my subscription?

On any day before the next renewal, as often as you like, you can change your subscription: remove or add products, reduce or increase the quantities or change the renewal frequency.
In short, don't feel limited, change your subscription as many times as you want!

You can also change the shipping address or payment method without any problems.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We would never force you to remain a subscriber.
If you no longer need it or want to cancel or suspend it for a period because you won't be at home or for any other choice of yours, just enter your user profile in the "Subscription" section and cancel it.

You will not have to pay more and you will not find any more charges from us. Just one click!

Why is there a higher discount for renewal frequencies of two and three months?

For two reasons:
1. It's better for you to place a larger order every two months, rather than a small order every month, in this way it will be easier to reach € 55.00 and always get free shipping costs;
2. For the environment! I know that these are not small gestures that will change the world, but a single shipment is always and in any case better than two, and as my grandfather says "Piutost che nient, l'è mei piutost" which translated means "Rather than nothing is always better something"!

But in this way the coffee is no longer fresh!

You don't have to worry about this either, first of all because the coffee is fresh up to 3 months after roasting.

Then because each of our packages is sealed in a protective food nitrogen atmosphere with a one-way valve.

Let's understand each other better: food nitrogen is an inert gas, odorless and tasteless, which allows you to keep food as fresh as freshly toasted for as long as possible.
The one-way valve, on the other hand, is a small valve that you can find in all our bags which allows the gases continually produced by the roasted coffee to come out of the package, but without allowing oxygen to enter, thus preventing damage to the beans or the ground coffee you made. purchased and keeping the aroma always intense.

So we'll take care of freshness too!

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Now all you have to do is subscribe to your Ernani Subscription!

And if you still have any questions, fill out the form below!

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