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I maestri della tostatura media
Alessandro, warehouse delivery man at Cafe Ernani.


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Hi Alessandro! Prima di tutto grazie per avermi dedicato del tempo.

Together with you today we present another face of Ernani!

Let’s start now: tell me first about your previous professional and educational experiences at Cafe Ernani!

Ciao Martina!

Good talk today, I was looking forward to it too!

So: my studies go back to the scientific-technological high school. I did not opt for classical scientific because I like labs, and here I experienced chemistry and physics labs.

Then in college, the process was long: six months of Pure Mathematics and then two years of Nursing, again to have that practical work part, which I realized was crucial for me.

Even the latter, however, then turned out to be another path that was not right for me. So I retired and started doing odd jobs to support myself while I searched for the correct path.

A somewhat troubled beginning!

Yes, quite a bit. My last job was as a deli worker in a supermarket chain. It was here that I understood at least the staples of a hypothetical future job:

  • physical mobility;
  • manual labor skills;
  • With opportunities for growth;
  • in contact with the customer.

And what was missing in the supermarket?

The possibility of growth.

It wasn’t a bad environment, on the contrary, but I didn’t have the opportunity for growth and that had caused me to lose motivation.

I see! Motivation for me is crucial in work, without that I just can’t get anything done.

Anyway, now we have a picture of your previous experiences, but tell us a little more about yourself: what do you do in your spare time? Hai hobby o passioni?

My main hobby is going out with friends and being with friends. I really enjoy contact with people, I like to be able to have fun even if it’s just at a small table over a beer.

Whenever I can in the evening, after work is over, I go out even for half an hour.

Then I like soccer, both to practice and to watch. I have been a sportsman for 12 years, and even now if I get a chance, a game I will gladly play.

My last passion is manga, especially those that have battles as their main topic, they are really called battle shonen. I like them because they have the ability to cover topics beyond the more common discussions that we are used to hearing or doing on a daily basis.

I have never read a manga, but I hear more and more people are passionate about it and I am getting curious to find out more about it. You will definitely recommend something!

So we know your story and what you like. Now tell us about your role in Ernani?

Of course! Let’s cut to the chase rightly!

I am the new warehouseman and deliverer. I take care, together with Luca and Renzo, of customer management, as well as the delivery of the actual product.

We can say that my role has responsibility for logistics and proper storage of goods.

And as I said before, it’s perfect for me: it’s practical, it has movement during the day, I have the opportunity to be in contact with the customer, and I can grow within the company.

And we are happy that you have arrived. Many may underestimate your role, but if customers get the consistently flawless product, it is because of you. If there are no delays and everything always rotates efficiently, it is still because of you!

Now, always going straight to the point as I like, let’s ask the last questions, the “ritual” ones:

  • Cosa ti piace di più di Ernani?
  • Cosa invece cambieresti?
  • Come mai hai scelto proprio Ernani?
  • Quale obiettivo hai?

There are two of us then who like to get straight to the point:

  • I like the resourcefulness of Ernani; from the outside it may look like an old-fashioned small family business, but it’s not! There is methodical organization of every role and task, as well as impeccable and precise management. They have great ambition and I believe in it!
  • The only thing I would change are a couple of passages that are my responsibility, to make them just a little more streamlined.
  • I chose to come to work here because they offered me the opportunity to put myself out there and grow professionally. I finally feel responsible for something and look forward to showing what I can give. Also, I was not familiar with the world of coffee at all, but before I started the job I had to take all the courses in their Academy and discovered a huge world that fascinated me. No one would expect that behind a cup of coffee is all this!
  • Finally, my goal is to grow professionally, empower myself and develop new skills all the time.

Sono sicura che ce la farai! If you have a clear goal in mind and put in the right effort, you will achieve it, so good luck!

Thanks for everything Alessandro, see you next time!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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