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Hi Davide! First of all thank you for taking the time to do the interview, I know you are always out and about among all your clients and finding you in the area is difficult!
Let’s break the ice: tell me about your previous professional and educational experiences at Caffè Ernani!

Hi Martina, let’s get started, I’m ready!

I entered the workforce very young, at 17 as a lathe operator in a company in Desio, where I returned to work thanks to Caffè Ernani.

At the same time I had a second job behind the counter of an ice cream bar in Seregno.

The bar counter started calling me very early and I couldn’t resist!

I thus discovered my passion from a young age.

After a few years I moved to another bar, this time in Seveso and for the first time in the evening and got to know the world of mixing.

My path was now crystal clear: Barman, but it was not enough for me to learn in the field, I felt the need to study, learn and professionalize. Reason why I took a professional course at Aibes.

I fully agree with you! By now, avid readers know: for me, education is the basis of everything!
Please note: not that practice and experience are not important; on the contrary, they are crucial. It’s just that a theoretical basis supports practical learning every step of the way: you understand why things happen and then you have to apply it. I’m glad you also felt this same need!
Sorry to interrupt, go ahead.

No, please, it’s nice to be able to compare and find people on the same wave as you.

Coming back to us, upon completion of the course I went to work as a bartender in a hotel in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.

Then I went back again to work in a Brianza company, this time because unfortunately, as much as I love the restaurant business, sometimes it is a bit hostile and it is difficult to find a good working environment.

In the meantime I took two other courses: the REC, for food and beverage administration, and the Wine Sommelier course. At the end of the latter, my life took a huge turn: the trainer of the course itself introduced me to a club, which would shortly become my club: Cork.

It was 2004 when I started this new and incredible adventure, which lasted a full 18 years. Cork has been my family, my friends and my life for a very long time. Started out as a wine-focused venue, but has transformed over the years, following my interests. Toward the end in fact the mixing side took an important position.

This marked the turning point in my personal and professional career.

Opening from the morning, however, I found that I needed to delve into another additional topic: coffee. I had never given it much thought, but there is as interesting a world behind coffee as there is for wine and blending.

Therefore, I took a professional course again, at AICAF, focusing on cafeteria and coffee knowledge.

Well, I don’t even know what to tell you! You are full of experience and knowledge, you have taken many courses that have made you a well-rounded professional, as well as aware of different realities and types of jobs. You have never backed down from anything…I can only offer you my congratulations!
But now a question arises: how did you get to Cafe Ernani?

So after 18 years I sold the place, mainly because as much as I loved it with all my heart, I needed to find a more “humane” lifestyle and working hours, so it was time for a change.

In the meantime, however, I joined as a partner in a restaurant in Ibiza. At first it started almost as a game, but now I am looking forward to future developments, managing everything remotely, with the help of my partners on the ground.

And so here I am now at Cafe Ernani!

Why did you decide to change the field?

As I anticipated, I needed a lifestyle change, but at the same time I didn’t want to stray too far from my field. That’s why I decided to join Ernani as a sales agent, selling coffee and ice cream products for another brand.

Choosing Ernani specifically as a company was easy because I have known them for almost 20 years, having been my supplier at Cork. There has always been great respect on both sides, and I have been able to see and test their professionalism, growth, advice and reliability for a long time.

And for that I thank you, it’s always good to hear!
How would you describe your new work?

I must admit that I did not expect it to be like this-I thought it would be easier to get into new places, but it is not always.

I realized that to change the café in a daytime establishment, means to almost change its soul, the basis of its work, the reason why customers come in. But at the same time, when you can communicate the Brand and its values, as well as a great product that convinces immediately upon tasting, it is a great satisfaction!

So what do you expect from this experience?

To improve and make my professional figure even more complete, with everything that I am most passionate about and that can become supportive and advisory to the client!

And I am sure you will succeed, because you have already demonstrated so much!
Going a little more personal instead, do you have any other hobbies and passions?

Unfortunately, with the old way of life, the possibility of cultivating hobbies was difficult, however, I have always enjoyed motorcycles, because I love the adrenaline rush when I get into the saddle!

Then at least once a week I go to play Padel.

Another sportsman in the company, leaving me alone in the lazy group!
Joking aside, we’re almost done, just missing the “ritual questions.”
  • Cosa ti piace di più di Ernani?
  • Cosa invece cambieresti?
  • Come mai hai scelto proprio Ernani?
  • Quale obiettivo hai?
  • What is your favorite Ernani coffee?

I’ll give you dry answers too:

  • What I like most is the relationship with the management, when you join Ernani I have seen that you do not join “a company,” but you become like a member of a family;
  • I would change the presentation of some specialty coffees instead, but that is actually already happening now!
  • I chose Ernani, as mentioned above, specifically because of the relationship with the corporate staff;
  • The goal is to grow and become a well-rounded professional;
  • And my favorite coffee is the Allegro, probably because I have it in my heart, having served it at my old place for 18 years!


Thank you Davide, for your time and also for your willingness to tell you!
I am glad that Ernani has always given you this impression of reliability, professionalism and transparency. This represents our mission, which is what we want to show all our customers, suppliers, and employees, and hearing your impressions certainly spurs us on to do even more!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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