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medium roasting

  • Flood your palate with taste
    We select only the best origins to always obtain fine coffees, rich in aromatic nuances.

  • It is also great without sugar
    Thanks to the exclusive Medium Roast, the coffee bean is not burned and the flavors are not lost. You can eliminate unnecessary calories from your diet by savoring the balanced intensity of coffee.
  • A perfect balance between sweetness and intensity
    The quality of our green coffees (raw material) guarantees a wealth of aromas on the palate: flowers, citrus fruits, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, malt, fruit and much more. The choice is yours ...
  • It does not cause heartburn
    Try to think about eating a burnt pizza or some bread left too long in the oven with a black crust.
    Would you do it?
    I think not, and the same way you should do with coffee.

What does medium roasted coffee mean?

Coffee arrives in Italy raw, the famous green coffee.
The roaster’s job is to process that material to the best of his or her ability to create the product we all know, see, and taste every day.

However, there are different levels of roasting:

These three different roast levels, even when applied to the exact same batch of a given coffee, produce completely different results in the cup.


Used mainly for filter coffees in northern Europe. It makes coffees delicate and acidic, giving little body in the cup.


The one selected by us at Caffè Ernani. The best possible solution for intensely aromatic coffees, along with full-bodied and creamy in the cup.


Also referred to as "Italian roast," as preferred by most Italian roasters. Burning almost all the grains hides all the defects of a non-quality raw material.

Some more info on roasting?

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A quality choice

Why did we choose Medium Roast?

Dark roasting is used to hide all the defects of low-quality raw coffee. Defects may be, for example, spoiled coffee beans, smell of jute, stagnant water and mold, or even taste of rubber or ash. Roasting coffees so much hides all the flaws.

On the flip side, however, you also remove the merits, namely all the natural scents or aromas of coffee. In addition, in the cup, the coffee will be very bitter, with burnt aromas; for this reason sugar is very often used to hide this intense bitterness.

At Caffè Ernani, on the other hand, by making a selection in the beginning of the raw beans and choosing only those of high quality and without defects, we can afford to roast coffees less. This will bring out all the natural flavors and aromas of the grains. In the cup, the coffee will turn out aromatic and good even without sugar!

In addition, in this way, each blend has well-defined and maximally enhanced aromas. Each café will therefore be very different from all the others in Ernani.

To know

Most brands on the market select raw coffee that is not always of high quality, therefore, with flaws. At this point the roaster is forced to hyper-toast the beans, almost to the point of burning them. This is called dark or Italian-style roasting when it is particularly black. Thus the defects are hidden by the intense aroma of burnt or ash, and the cup comes out very bitter. Sometimes a sugar packet is used to solve the problem of an inauthentic taste. However, it is not the best solution.


When starting with a quality raw material, roasting has the sole task of enhancing the natural aromas of raw coffee and not hiding them!

All of the coffee’s natural aromas are brought out to the fullest, making us enjoy a coffee that is intense, aromatic, and above all, with a delicate and pleasant bitterness.

Getting used to drinking coffee even without sugar is really easy with Caffè Ernani.

You will have an explosion of incredible flavors on your palate, such as aromas of flowers, citrus, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, malt, fruit, and many more! You will discover a whole new taste in your coffee and fall madly in love with it!

Who we are?

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Our customers

Here's what they think of us

Excellent... I bought the tasting box and so far I have tasted only one type of coffee. I absolutely loved it!.

Leonardo Landucci

The quality is great, the price is low, we have been ordering it for years and we are happy with it...the aftertaste then is great, I would not change coffee.

Antonio Zanotti

Fast support beyond expectation. Very kind, fast shipping, product received as expected. Excellent coffee.


The coffee is outstanding, the best I have tried so far, especially Blue diamond.

Cristina Podoleani

Outstanding! Excellent coffee with medium roast. I bought the 200 kit, which this time finally comes with a flyer describing the different qualities. Excellent.


Always perfect. Service and quality. One of my favorite e-commerce. I drink the Armonia blend that I grind at home at the moment and the result is very satisfactory also.


Excellent coffee and professionalism. I've been ordering Ernani's various coffees when I can for years now and they have never let me down, I always find everything perfect, from the.

Marco Di Pasquale

I tried this roastery that I did not know more than anything else I wanted to choose a better coffee. I found them to be very fast and the coffee.

Maui Parma

the perfect blend to start

A blend with a higher percentage of Arabica coffee, with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnuts and a round body.

Allegro is the flagship blend of the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires, 20 in Milan, which has been served at the counter for several decades now, releasing from time to time the fresh, sweet aromas of single-origin Arabica, combined with the full-bodied, intense flavor of robusta.

pallacanestro aurora desio caffè allegro tostatura media
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    Here are our blends and single origin

    Blue Diamond

    A fine blend that encapsulates the characteristics and merits of four single-origin Arabicas, with hints of fresh and nuts fruits, citrus, honey, and chocolate.

    Intensity: 6.5/9


    A blend with a higher percentage of Arabica coffee, with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnuts and a round body.

    Intensity: 7/9


    A perfectly balanced, full-bodied blend with intense cocoa notes. Perfect to start eliminating sugar.

    Intensity: 8/9


    A creamy, intense, full-bodied blend dominated by a pleasant bitterness.

    Intensity: 8.5/9


    A full-bodied, creamy robusta blend with lingering bitterness and rich caffeine.

    Intensity: 9/9


    A single-origin, aromatic and full-bodied, caffeine-free (decaffeinated).

    Intensity: 8/9

    Ethiopian Sidamo – Gourmet Coffee

    A fresh, citrusy and floral single-origin, driven to a pleasant, soft acidity

    Intensity: 6/9

    Indian Kalledevarapura – Fairtrade

    An elegant single-origin, presenting a broad, complex and intriguing aromatic range.

    Intensity: 7/9

    Colombia Finca la Meseta

    A single-origin balanced between the acidity of citrus and the sweetness of ripe fruit and nuts.

    Intensity: 6.5/9

    Brazilian Bom chocolate – Gourmet Coffee

    A single-origin with intense cocoa notes, balanced and round-bodied.

    Intensity: 6/9

    Guatemala Huehuetenango

    A sweet, fresh and creamy single-origin with notes of ripe fruit and chocolate.

    Intensity: 7/9

    Brazilian Women’s Coffee – IWCA

    A socio-sustainable single-origin with a sensual and feminine flavor profile, grown, harvested and processed by women.

    Intensity: 6/9

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