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Capsule lovers now have two more Caffè Ernani blends for their days

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Capsule lovers now have two more Caffè Ernani blends for their days

Two new Caffè Ernani blends are now available as Nespresso compatible capsules: Vivace and Adagio, our decaffeinated.

All of our blends are characterized by a medium roasting with no bitterness and persistent aromatic notes and are designed to satisfy your desire for coffee at various times of your day.

Blue Diamond is the perfect blend for those moments when you want a complex coffee, of arabica coffees only, with fruity cherry accents, and a hints of chocolate and malt.

Allegro will perfectly satisfy your desire for a more balanced coffee with good body and good acidity, with an aftertaste of dried fruit and dark chocolate.

Vivace will give you more body and creaminess without sacrificing persistent chocolate and fruity aromas.

Adagio, our decaffeinated, will make you company in those moments when you can make it without the creaminess and aromas of your coffee but you do not want to deal with caffeine.

Our self-protective capsules retain the best of our precious blends thanks to the nitrogen atmosphere and are available in packs of twenty pieces. They have the same price as Nespresso Capsules of lower quality, but are the result of an artisanal work and their price can further decrease by choosing to activate a subscription, without no constraints, and modifiable at any time.

All blends are available on our site, also by subscription, at the Historic Roastery of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan and the cafes serving Caffè Ernani.

You just have to try them and let us know your opinion.

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