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I maestri della tostatura media

Another Coffee Stories is the innovative Milan-based publishing house with the goal of bringing our full senses back to the center of the literary experience.

The synaesthetic reading

Mutual contamination between the senses. It occurs when stimulations from one sense induce experiences, automatic and involuntary, in a second sense.
But how is this possible?
  • As it is easy to guess, sight is awakened by the words of the incredible authors, the same ones who are able to recreate an entire world in our minds, able to make us live for a moment outside our own routine, with only the stimulus of creativity;
  • Instead, the sense of touch is activated by the textured covers, designed to fully represent the author and his work;
  • And now we at Caffè Ernani come into the picture: accompanying the reader’s taste buds as they read, through our expertly selected and roasted coffees, paired with the works of Another Coffee Stories…for example, the robustness of a coffee might remind one of a gory and ruthless plot.
  • This also pervades the sense of smell! In fact, we recommend not pairing the books with an espresso, but more with a filter coffee, which is long, intense in aroma and delicate in flavor, to be kept close by for longer to let it accompany you while reading.
The publishing house with its books represents a unique combination of the charm of words and the beauty of the synaesthetic approach, which will transform the world of literature into a tangible reality.
If I have intrigued you, if you love books, and if you are always looking for something new–this article is for you!

Publications for the past two months

It’s Still Night – Mirna Cara

“It is impossible to avoid what has to happen, I tell you from experience. React to something that has already happened, and you make mistakes twice. The more you try to change things, the more mistakes pile up. Until they become mountains.”

Mirna attends a dinner with old schoolmates, the kind organized through Facebook. In the restaurant hall there is one very long table set just for them.

He soon realizes that something does not add up; he does not remember names and faces and stories of any of the people present. Everyone chats in a friendly manner, recalling anecdotes that tell her nothing.

But then the waiter serves the appetizers, ignoring her. To her he instead delivers shards of earthenware, what looks like the remains of a vase. What should he do with it? Is this a joke? But no one laughs; on the contrary. Everyone watches her seriously, as if waiting for her to figure out what to do.

Instinctively, she joins two pieces that seem to fit together, and in that instant memories of when she was a child come back in the form of vivid three-dimensional visions…

Literary genre: fiction, introspective novel, social novel, in support of Women

Paired Coffee: Women’s Coffee
THE HUNT, The First Investigation by Andreina Serri – Angela Iannarelli

“We believe we are free. But it is a partial free will ours.

I didn’t want to come back. Instead, here I am again, almost 40, a prisoner of my nightmares, in the place from which I had escaped promising myself that I would never look back. I could have refused, of course. But I love my work too much.”

In which story does the sheep kill the wolf? In the one where the prey becomes the hunter.

The hunt is a game of blood and revenge, beyond any Good and beyond any Evil.

And you, whose side are you on?

Literary genre: thriller, fiction, introspective, in support of Women

Matching coffee: Blue Diamond
Gaia Bear – Donatella Franzese

“In “Bear Gaia,” we immerse ourselves in an enchanting world where nature and its creatures are at the center of the narrative. The story introduces us to Gaia, a kind-hearted bear who lives in a forest together with Bruno and their three cubs. However, the peaceful balance of their lives is upset by an unexpected event: Gaia makes a mistake in an attempt to defend her family from an alleged threat. This mistake leads Gaia to be unfairly punished, but it is through this experience that the central themes of the story emerge. Friendship, cooperation, and the power of truth become paramount for Gaia as she tries to overcome the consequences of her mistake. The story teaches us the importance of these universal values and invites us to reflect on how our actions can affect others. But “Bear Gaia” goes beyond simple morality. It invites readers to view the world from different perspectives, embrace diversity and cultivate peace and harmony between humans and animals. Through Gaia’s adventures, we discover that mutual respect and understanding can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships. This book is an exciting journey through the wilderness and its inhabitants, reminding us of the importance of protecting and preserving our environment and all the creatures that inhabit it. I hope “Bear Gaia” inspires readers to reflect on their relationships with the natural world and to seek ways to live in harmony with it. Happy reading.”

Literary genre: fairy tale

Matching coffee: Santos Bom Chocolate
The Leaves of Destiny – Marco Motta

The frog moved toward the three sources.

“These are three magical sources that will take you to where you will understand why you are here and what choice you have made.”

“The Leaves of Destiny” plunges us into the parallel universe of Haara and Calideo, planets ruled by the Purple and Green moons, intertwined by a secret common destiny. Agaty, the deity of nature, decrees the merging of worlds into one renewed planet, a process guarded by the Black Druids, custodians of a dark magic that fuels Black Evil, a force capable of destruction in order to be reborn. As the planets approach the precipice of transformation, black druids aspire to a new world under their rule.

In this cosmic setting, Alys, a young druid of Haara, is chosen by the goddess Agaty to foil the plans of her dark brethren. Launched on a journey of discovery and growth, Alys traverses her own Way, a path of initiation that leads her to explore the planet and confront Black Evil. From a life of confinement in a Druidic circle, he ventures into the forests of the Ancient Oaks, where questions about the fate of his world are echoed in his doubts.

Fate intertwines Alys with Tias, knight of the Scarlet Sickle of Calideo, in a mysterious bond forged by spirits and magical crystals, which sees them united against adversity. Alys’ saga tells us of unlikely alliances, forgotten ancient magics and a journey that defies certainties, where the protagonist will surrender to Black Evil to emerge renewed and ready to understand the mysteries of Ancient Magic.

Literary genre: fantasy, fiction

Matching coffee: Kalledevarapura
THE BOLLA, save me from this cliché – Valentina Gambino

“I live by irony and imagination, the cross and delight of my life, like coffee at the right temperature but without the sugar, like a pizza topped great but with a burnt edge. This is me. In most of my dreams I see huge, confusing, messy houses, just like me. In fact, they represent myself, among secret rooms, mysterious passages, doors that are better not to open, and rooms I had never seen before and was unaware of. Very frequently I dream of going out without shoes, or without clothes. I cross long streets in the sunlight, under the astonished eyes of passers-by who see me sneaking out bare-assed as I try to at least cover my boobs.”

Veronica has had many women in her life and has also incredibly managed to be hated by all of them except Emma, with whom she has been in a stable relationship for fifteen years: she shares a house, two dogs, and a job with her. The last of three daughters, full of insecurities and psychological turmoil that force her to always feel she has to prove something in order to be seen, when Veronica has a goal she pushes, pushes, pushes like a caterpillar, until she reaches it but leaves only rubble and injuries in her path. In this particular case, the target is her therapist, Fiamma Martini.

“I have to take responsibility, for once in my life I have to have the courage to make ends meet despite the fact that expenses have exceeded – by far – income. I am madly in love with Emma. The more I think about it, the more certain I am. Why did I cheat on her? I don’t know.”

Literary genre: introspective, social, in support of Women

Matching coffee: Kalledevarapura
Corrado – Paolo Di Censi

“The first time a manuscript arrives at a publisher it comes across as a question mark the size of a twelve-story house at least. You won’t know what it tells until you get to the last page with ‘The End’ written on it.”

There are those who claim that stories are written by writers, that poems are born from the pen of poets, but no one has ever bothered to think that they are actually born from dreams, even those of a bear almost two meters tall.

Literary genre: introspective, fiction, fairy tales and fables

Matching coffee: Armonia
Human beings – Laura star

In this collection of short stories, lives intertwine and shatter like reflections on cracked glass. Through a series of fascinating and intricate human portraits, we are confronted with truths that burn and wounds that do not heal.

From innocence lost in childhood friendship to the painful loneliness of the last goodbye, we explore the boundaries of love and attraction, death and grief. Through each page, what emerges is an intricate map of human relationships, with all their nuances and contradictions.

From secrets buried under the appearance of normalcy to relationships shrouded in the shadows of the pathological, each story pulls us into a vortex of cruel emotions and uncomfortable truths.

The author masterfully captures the complexity of human relationships without judgment, offering us a stark and unfiltered mirror of our own humanity.

Literary genre: fiction, introspective novel, social novel

Matching coffee: Kalledevarapura

Now all you have to do is choose the book and coffee that are best for you and have the synesthetic experience yourself!

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