Happy Holidays from the Caffè Ernani team!

I maestri della tostatura media
Tutto lo staff di Ernani produzione e distribuzione in pose simpatiche nel laboratorio di tostatura

Now this new Christmas is really close and I’m here to wish you Happy Holidays and a very happy New Year!

I can’t explain to you the emotion of writing this article every year. It always seems a bit trivial and forced, because, come on, you have to wish each other the best for Christmas and the coming year…

But right now I take the opportunity to think back on everything that has happened in recent months, the challenges, efforts, rewards and satisfactions.

I use this article every year just to sum up the almost finished year and I get excited. I have shiny eyes and goosebumps, shivers down my spine and a little melancholy in my heart, but the beautiful and healthy one that makes me want to start new challenges again next year!

I also invite you to take five minutes, close your eyes and think about what has personally happened or happened to you this year, and think back with a smile, because whatever happened is now over and we need to regain strength and grit to continue move forward with passion!

2022 in the Roasting in Milan…

In 2022 we consolidated the collaboration born in 2021 with Fabio, the Bar Manager of the Roasting, discovering him as a really smart, gritty, prepared and passionate guy. We no longer know how to thank him for all the work he does and above all for the quality and constancy he puts into everything. We are proud of you and to have you in our team, thank you Fabio!

Instead, we said goodbye to Marco, Francesco and Carolina, wishing them good luck in the future with the hope that they will find the perfect place for them!

We welcomed Davide and Amine who from day one demonstrated their professionalism and desire to learn, getting in touch with the entire staff and customers of the cafeteria. We are curious to see them grow!

Finally wish Monia the best possible future, who will become a mother for the first time in a few months!

Thanks are due also to Andrea, the roasting machine’s incredible machinist, loved by all customers, able to prepare a personalized coffee for everyone after understanding everyone’s personal tastes!

And to Riccardo.

Tutto il team della Torrefazione Ernani a Milano, 7 ottimi ragazzi e ragazze, baristi

2022 at Caffè Ernani Roasting Lab…

What a triumphant year for Caffè Ernani, certainly with all the lows of the case and of this historical period. But I’m absolutely proud of how we reacted and how we tried to do everything possible to try and fight this moment with innovation and passion!

I can’t even explain how happy I am to be part of such a close-knit and loving team, where no one ever backs down from anything and we all give 100% of ourselves. Of course we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we stumble, but we always try to react with a smile and learn from our mistakes to do every day better than the day before.

In 2022 we won our first prize: the Gold Medal of the International Coffee Tasting, a competition that rewards, with blind tastings, the best coffees entered from more than 450 roasters and from more than 40 different countries in the world!

It was a hard-fought and sweaty prize but it paid off for everything and I’m writing it with tears in my eyes. We had already participated in the same competition in 2019, but we hadn’t even been taken into consideration… So we worked hard to improve ourselves and improve our products, presenting the same coffee two years later and here comes the Gold Medal!

The thing that pleased us the most is the fact that we didn’t present a coffee purchased and roasted ad hoc for the competition, but we presented exactly the same Blue Diamond, a 100% Arabica blend that is and always has been in our catalogue, at the Ernani roastery counter in Milan, in the ho.re.ca. channel and on our online shop. This made us realize how much we were going in the right direction in offering you a coffee that wins an award for its quality!

Foto istituzionale a mezzo busto di Andrea, il nuovo tostatore di Caffè Ernani

We then welcomed Andrea. He has been passionate about coffee for years and above all a great basketball player, captain of his dream team!

He has discipline, love and constancy in everything he does, and has decided to throw himself professionally into his other passion: coffee. So here he is joining our team as a roaster and it was a breath of fresh air, which gave us the opportunity to see things from another point of view and offer his personal touch in the products!

We then had the honor of participating, thanks to La Cimbali and XLVI steamhammer, at World of Coffee 2022, a sort of playground for coffee lovers!

We have opened two new social accounts: TikTok and Telegram!

With the first we have reached absolutely unexpected goals, giving us the opportunity to understand your tastes and your questions in the comments!

With the second, however, you are the protagonists. In fact, in the telegram group anyone can join and ask questions or ask other users for advice!

Click here and subscribe!

And how can we forget it: we have also created the new site, always to respond to your requests! You wanted something simpler to use, more appealing and up-to-date, with a better description of the cafés and a clearer division between the company branches and here we have it. In addition to the speeding up of shipments, which now often arrive in just 24 hours!

With the new site, two new single origins have joined the Ernani Family: Costa Rica and Guatemala, which you have loved and appreciated!

Thanks again to all the partnerships this year:Vinhood, Fondazione la Comune, Buonoo Farm, Pallacanestro Aurora Desio, Como 1907 Calcio, Another Coffee Stories, XLVI, La Cimbali, SCA, AICAF, In.vece, Panizza Barista, Gastaldi Group, Celada group, LakeRoom, Ville in Festa, Il Barista di Casa, Gone West, IWCA Italia and the Ernani Academy!

2022 in Caffè Ernani Ho.re.ca. …

Also in Ernani Distribuzione there have been two new entries due to the expansion of the company: Davide and Alessandro.

Foto istituzionale a mezzo busto di Davide, il nuovo tostatore di Caffè Ernani

Davide, together with Paolo, are our new commercial agents for Distribution to all bar, restaurant, pastry shop and so on!

It seems obvious to me to say that they too are passionate about their work and above all about the subject they deal with: coffee.

Alessandro, he is in charge of delivery, maintains he relationships with our loyal customers every day and allows them to work continuously with all their needs and the needs of their customers, a key figure!

Foto istituzionale a mezzo busto di Alessandro, il nuovo tostatore di Caffè Ernani

And finally, we welcome with great enthusiasm the 23 new Bar customers who have decided to follow us in our project this year, sharing values ​​and objectives, to grow together and improve constantly!

Finally I want to thank the founders of all this reality!

They always stay by our side every step of the way, giving us the foundation to do great things, to catch us if we fall and above all our biggest fans. They leave us freedom when needed and rules when they are important, so THANK YOU Claudia, Luca and Renzo!

We have been good, and lucky, in being able to work with such smart people who are all able to follow Ernani in his path of growth and dissemination of the roasted bean!

But we are even more fortunate to be able to talk to you, people who have decided to listen to us and discover a completely new taste of coffee together! Without you nothing would have been possible.

You are the energy, the fuel and above all the gratification of every single day of our work.

Without you Ernani would not exist, so thank you very much from all the Ernani Staff!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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