Buoono Circular
Farm Urbana in Milan

Have a coffee and collect a mushroom!

New collaboration in Caffè Ernani!

Created to breathe new life into our coffee and increase the company’s commitment to the environment.

Buoono is a brand new Urban Circular Farm in Milan!


But what does an urban circular farm do?

The founding fellows of Buoono are creating a new generation of farmers, namely young undergraduates who are passionate about food, wellness and sustainability at the table.

For them “sustainability” is not just a word to be used to attract new users, for them “sustainability” is a real mission.

Their goal is to give new life to everyday waste.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed!
They then recover spent coffee grounds from our roastery, thanks to a beautiful carbo bike, so as not to impact the environment in any way.
Together they also recover a special, very thin skin present on the bean that is removed during roasting: the silver skin.
After that, by special processes they get edible mushrooms!

All this with modern farming systems, in the city of Milan!

What do they then do with these mushrooms?

They sell them to supermarkets, restaurants, stores, and even pharmacies, because some of these mushrooms are medical!

So many things that can be created with coffee!

team buoono
funghi buoono

It didn't stop there.

The guys at Buoono do not just sell mushrooms on an industrial level.
In fact, a handy, intuitive and very simple box with the coffee grounds compound and silver skin inside is also available.

Anyone can then buy it and take it home.

What’s next?
Just open the box and let the oxygen penetrate the mixture, and after a couple of days you will have your very fresh, edible mushrooms!

Credit buoono.org

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