For the Planet
by Gone West

Have a coffee to plant a tree!

New collaboration in Caffè Ernani

Started on the occasion of International Coffee Day and MilanoCaffè 2021, Caffè Ernani presented the new blend “For the Planet,” in collaboration with Gone West.

The collaboration was created to breathe new life into coffee and increase the company’s commitment to the environment.

for the planet by Gone west

Gone West

Gone West is a company inspired and driven by concrete environmental and socio-economic goals. Since 2013, it has planted more than 5 million trees and created more than 150 “green” jobs.

It offers people and companies innovative and creative opportunities to work toward building a better future, combining the urgency of conserving and regenerating the planet’s natural resources with the need to ensure economic and social stability throughout the process.

Gone west collaborazioni

Plant & Protect

All this is achievable through the “Plant&Protect” project!

It means planting trees in a way that respects their environment and establishing management practices that protect them throughout their lives, very different from classical forestry operations.

In fact, the forestry sector reduces the value of trees by focusing only on the timber they can produce and the carbon they can sequester.

To be legitimate and ensure that all trees are actually planted and protected they have “Plant&Protect” agreements, which are contractual and completely watertight. With this initiative, they therefore ensure long life for the trees they plant.

This is where you come in!

Through your purchases you can help the environment and be an integral part of the shareholders who pay special attention to the increasingly felt and urgent environmental problem!


Here is our For the Planet blend

for the planet scelta Gone west

For The Planet

An enveloping, round-bodied coffee balanced between the sweet notes of ripe fruit and the bitterness of cocoa.

The For the Planet blend, in collaboration with Gone West, is composed of a higher percentage of Arabica quality coffees, which give interesting flavor characteristics in the cup.

9,00 €

We at Caffè Ernani have decided to create a new blend which will be called For the Planet.

A blend designed
ad hoc
for the occasion, with an unmistakable taste that will leave an indelible mark in our memory, but also in the environment!

In fact, for every pack of coffee sold, the proceeds will be donated to the Gone West company for the For the Planet project, which we have joined.

For the Planet is a blend with a greater prevalence of Arabica coffees., specifically you will find Brazilian Santos Cerrado Bom chocolate and Guatemalan SHB Huehuetenango, which give off intense aromas of bitter cocoa the former and ripe fruit, such as plum or strawberry, the latter.

It is a coffee suitable for those seeking a balanced blend between sweetness, acidity and bitterness, with enveloping notes of ripe fruit and chocolate.

All accompanied by environmental sustainability.

certificato Gone west caffè ernani
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