Masterclass Academy
Accademia culinaria internazionale

Diffondi il Saper Fare italiano, con passione!

New collaboration in Caffè Ernani!

The Masterclass Academy team embraces different sectors related to gastronomy and catering, with a love for the Italian culinary tradition, a desire to experiment and innovate, accompanied by their great passion.

Masterclass Academy, a culinary academy with an international scope, is a school of higher education that prepares highly qualified professional figures in the art of Italian gastronomy thanks to a wide range of training, targeted masters and specialized and recognized teachers.

Our Italian gastronomic heritage is a source of pride for them.

Masterclass Academy
è un team internazionale appassionato di arte culinaria

Through culture, training and the promotion of the Italian culinary art, they want to spread this our Knowledge and Know-How, with a careful eye on health, food safety and the demands of an increasingly demanding and prepared market.

They love to make Italy’s gastronomic heritage a heritage for all, opening doors to gastronomic knowledge, which the love of cooking and good food leads to pass on, even to non-professionals, small secrets of the trade so that they can enjoy cooking, the conviviality given by good food and good eating.


Master pizza makers, master pastry chefs, top chefs, master brewers, and “Examiner circuit lags” bartenders are just a few of the faculty members who teach in our academy. Professionals also in training who with love and passion pass on all their knowledge and mastery, curious and enterprising, open to comparison and experimentation.


All courses are limited in number and with a limited number of students.

They want to ensure a serene environment for the students, where learning is exciting, where teaching can be married to direct contact with the teacher, aimed at the acquisition of skills, techniques and mastery.

In addition to the issuance of the professional qualification, they offer their students a post-graduation training time with on-the-job training and internships.

Thanks to the support of a team of professionals in the administrative, financial and legal fields, they are able to provide the assistance needed to open their own business and search for the best financing, including subsidized and in the European sphere.

The presence of sponsors and technical partners also make it possible to offer graduates exclusive discounts on the purchase of raw materials, equipment and consulting services.


We at Caffè Ernani have become their official training partners in the field of coffee making, with an overall 360-degree look at the world of coffee, from the raw material to running a business in the industry.

We have structured together a basic path, open to anyone who is approaching the coffee industry for the first time, and a highly professional path for those who want to grow in the same industry and accomplish something really big, structured and above all conscious.

At the end of the course, we will offer discounts and concessions for all of our products, as well as the opportunity to purchase equipment at bargain prices!

Or write an email to: [email protected]

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Il caffè Ernani preferito dal team di Masterclass

colombia finca la meseta

Colombia Finca La Meseta

Coffee balanced between the acidity of citrus and the sweetness of ripe fruit and nuts.

On tasting there is immediately a soft body that envelops the tongue, along with the sweetness of plum and blackberry and the intensity of 60% chocolate. If allowed to cool slightly, acitric acidity reminiscent of lemon peel is enhanced.

8,50 €
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