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New collaboration in Caffè Ernani!

We at Caffè Ernani have always been creating different blends and offering different single-origin coffees to ensure you find a coffee that matches your personal taste!
All strictly quality and Medium Roast!

Vinhood is a reality that offers exactly the same consulting service, with the aim of finding the right product for you, which will leave you speechless and which you will not be able to live without!
And all this they apply to coffee, but also to wine and beer!

How could we therefore not cooperate with them?

tablet Vinhood
vino Vinhood

is an international team with Italian DNA

For them, the key word is mix: of cultures, of experiences, of stories. A diverse team that makes diversity and mutual trust its strengths, letting the skills of each member coexist with those of the other, creating an endlessly multifaceted team that looks more like a table of friends.

Their purpose is to create a bridge between the world of Taste and People!

The worlds of Taste and People are distant: if we talk about wine, for example, it is common to find a variety of assortment and content, often with a too “technical” and specialized slant, seasoned by a lack of personalization of the experience.

Vinhood has been on a path of innovation in the world of Taste for years, building a bridge between people, the products they consume and the actors who produce and distribute them, based on their personal tastes, interests and level of knowledge.


The Vinhood team's favorite Caffè Ernani

colombia finca la meseta

Colombia Finca La Meseta

Coffee balanced between the acidity of citrus and the sweetness of ripe fruit and nuts.

On tasting there is immediately a soft body that envelops the tongue, along with the sweetness of plum and blackberry and the intensity of 60% chocolate. If allowed to cool slightly, acitric acidity reminiscent of lemon peel is enhanced.

7 €
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