Medium roasted coffee, that is good even without sugar


What does "medium roasted coffee" mean?

The coffee arrives in Italy raw, the famous green coffee.

Out of that, the roaster makes the product that we all know, see and savor at cafès every day.

However, there are different levels of roasting:

  • Light: mainly used for filter coffees in Northern Europe.
  • Medium: the one selected by Ernani
  • Dark: also called "Italian roast", as preferred by most Italian roasters

These three different levels of roasting, even if applied to the exact same batch of coffee, produce completely different results in the cup.

Why did Ernani choose a medium toasting level?

Dark roasting is used to hide all the defects of a low quality raw coffee. The defects can be, for example, ruined coffee beans, jute smell, stagnant water and mold aromas, or even the taste of rubber. Dark roasting takes all coffees defects away.

On the other hand, however, the qualities, that is all good aromas or flavors of coffee, are also eliminated. Furthermore, in the cup, the coffee will be very bitter; for this reason sugar is used to hide this intense bitterness.

On the other hand, by making a selection of raw beans and choosing only the highest quality ones, Caffè Ernani can afford to roast its beans less. This enhances all natural aromas and flavors of coffee. In the cup, the coffee will therefore be aromatic and good even without sugar!

The benefits of a medium roasted coffee:

  • It gives less heartburn
  • It is easy to get used to drinking it without sugar: instead of consuming 20 calories, you will only consume 2 if you taste it without sugar, as well as obviously gaining health
  • Contains more caffeine
  • The bitterness is not perceived in the cup

With Ernani coffee blends it will be easy to get used to drinking sugar-free coffee, discovering the true aromas of an authentic Italian coffee!

Caffè Ernani team

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