Introducing the new names of the blends available at the Corso Buenos Aires historical roastery in Milan.

Our roastery in Milan  spreads the aroma of its coffee blends since 1909. In August 2015 we introduced the new name of our Cafè to reflect our new approach to roasting Italian coffees aimed at increasing even further the quality of the blends and of the experience we want to share with our clients. Now it is the time to change the name of our blends, inspired by the music world from which, at least partly, comes the name of our roasting company.

As well as symphonic music is the result of more instruments that emerge from time to time to compose themselves in ever new and surprising ways, in our blends the characteristics and aromas of the individual origins give rise to new sensations to match the feelings of those who taste them.

This is how the most popular blends Oro Verde and Royal become respectively Allegro and Vivace, accompanied by Vibrato, Armonia, Espressivo and Stretto. For those who love decaf, from now on we have Adagio.

There is only one blend that keeps its name, Blue Diamond: it has always been our signature blend and it retains its name in accordance with our tradition. We could have not taken away from you the pleasure of ordering the legendary “Blue”, which, after all, always had a little bit of music inside.

Another reason to come to discover our cafè to taste our blends. See you there!

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