Thanks to the capsules, we are all getting used to buy coffee packed in cardboard boxes.

This led us to rethink the packaging of ground coffee and beans, placing in boxes not only our capsules but also our bags of beans and ground coffee to protect them better without introducing a huge amount of aluminum boxes in the environment (that what other roasters do).

But this is just the beginning exactly what everyone can see by simply holding our packs in their hands. Hidden in the box there are one-way valve, the protective atmosphere of nitrogen and the multi-layer transparent bags. Discover all we do to pamper our coffee and to ensure proper storage and quality with no negative impact on the environment.

The degassing valve

All our bags, even the 1 kg bags, are equipped with a degassing valve. But what is it? Easy: it allows the gases naturally emitted by coffee to leak out, while preventing the entry of oxygen in the package.

As the valve opens when the pressure inside the pack is greater than outside to then close again when the degassing process is complete, it guarantees that the coffee keeps “living” in its package uncompromised by the outside atmosphere: your coffee is alive and continues to “live” in our packs keeping all its aromas intact.

Try pressing even slightly the package and you will distinctly feel the aroma of your coffee even before its opened. A bit of magic that will make you want to surprise yourself and your friends.

Also, since our packs are normally transported by courier, the valve ensures that, in case of crush, the packaging is not opened due to the pressure, guaranteeing maximum integrity of the product.

The protective atmosphere of nitrogen.

In our bags air is replaced by nitrogen to allow the perfect preservation of the valuable features of our coffee. The properties of the ground coffee, in capsules, and beans remain intact thanks to the inhibition of micro-organisms development which would be inevitable should the coffee remain exposed to standard air. Not only the flavor and aromas are protected, but also the volume and the color remain unchanged exactly as in the moment immediately prior to packaging.

The multilayer bags

Our bags are multilayer (two for packs of 250 grams and triple for those of 1000 grams) ensuring an effective barrier against external agents. Your coffee is preserved and protected thanks to the resistance of the envelopes, above all in transport and with certainty of duration in time.

In the case of the 250-gram pack, the envelope is transparent to allow you to examine your coffee even keeping it inside the envelope: no need to open it when when it is delivered, you can verify the coffee is what you expected without exposing to the air until the very moment of the first extraction. Your coffee beans have never been so beautiful and easy to see and your ground coffee has never been so alive!


Since our goal is to protect the coffee from any external agent, we could not cuddle it even more than with an additional cardboard layer.

The box prevents excessive expansion of the bag  by naturally adjusting the outflow of gas through the valve. It also prevents the light from entering the bag and allows distribution of the pressure of any crush on the whole package, facilitating the escape of gas and the bag resistance.

Our packs protect with love the coffee and allow it to breathe with no oxidation due to the one-way valve and a protective atmosphere which keeps freshness and aromas intact.

Now that you understood that Coffee Ernani is content not only to produce an excellent coffee and that we want to do everything we can to maintain intact its precious characteristics, you just have to taste it!

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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