No more sugar: why and how?


Sugar supplies our body with energy, so it is not a substance to be demonized, but like all "too much of a thing".

The daily dose recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) is 25 g per day, about 5 teaspoons. This count includes the common table sugar, that added to food, snacks and drinks, but also honey, syrups, fruit juices, jams, etc.

What are the consequences of exceeding your sugar intake?

Here are the main 4 reasons why you should decrease your sugar intake:

  1. Sugar makes you fat. In fact, sugar stimulates insulin. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin will be produced. By doing so, insulin reduces the burning of body fat and, after it drops dramatically, will cause a new hunger attack.
  2. Sugar is addictive. In fact, let's think about how difficult it is to detach from a cake after eating a single slice!
  3. Sugar makes you sick. In fact, the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol increases.
  4. Sugar ages your appearance. If you eat a lot of sugar at one time, your body is unable to turn it all into energy. Excess sugar molecules bind to the proteins responsible for skin elasticity. Consequence: unsightly wrinkles.

Now let's do a few quick calculations: on average, an individual drinks 2 coffees a day, with a little bag of sugar each. In one day he has already ingested 11 grams of sugar, almost half of the maximum recommended dose of sugar, only and exclusively to accompany a daily pleasure.

Why not reduce the amount of sugar consumed, starting from eliminating a few sugar portions?

Of course, we know, it's difficult. The coffees that are offered us every day in most bars are bitter.

But do you know why? Starting from a non-quality raw material, the roaster is forced to hyper-roast the coffee beans to hide his defects, almost burning them, thus making the final product extracted in the cup really bitter. So we ordinarily put a small bag of sugar to solve the problem, even if it's not the best solution for our health.

We at Ernani, on the other hand, love to taste every scent, aroma and facet of coffee. For this reason we decided to medium roast our beans.

With it all natural coffee aromas are exalted to the maximum, thus making us enjoy an intense, aromatic coffee and above all with a delicate and pleasant bitterness.

This medium roasting can be adopted, however, only and exclusively, if we start from quality green coffee, carefully selected and personally checked.

Getting used to drinking coffee even without sugar is really possible with Caffè Ernani.

You will have an explosion of incredible flavors on your palate and you will also have eliminated 11 grams of sugar per day simply and quickly.

Caffè Ernani team

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