The women coffee


March 8 will be International Women's Day and, for this reason, we would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about something that you may not yet know: the "Women's Coffee".

This coffee comes from the Chachoeira company in Brazil, cultivated by a group of strong and determined women, who control every step of the production process, from the care of the plant to the collection and processing of green coffee.

This company also joins the IWCA Association: International Alliance of Women in Coffee.

It is a non-partisan and inclusive organization which does not consider sex, religion or political thoughts. The IWCA in fact welcomes everyone, including individual, private or public organizations.

They our bound only to sharing a common final goal, that is to protect the rights of each worker and strengthen the protection of women in the coffee community.

The fundamental aspect is precisely the fact that it guarantees anyone the opportunity to live a dignified, sustainable and meaningful life.

In this way they want to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of this sector, as well as helping them lead a better life. An example may be a higher wage adapted to the cost of living, greater respect and protection of their rights, or the construction of kindergartens inside the plantations, where you can leave your children while working or even the possibility of having affordable accommodation.

The fundamental values of the association are:

  • Respect for people and their ideas
  • Economic and social sustainability
  • The fairness of the distribution of global resources
  • Collaboration between communities and top management
  • The greatest enhancement of everyone's personal resources
  • The inclusion of everyone: women, men and young people, to produce a positive impact on their communities

It is important to underline, and not only on the occasion of this anniversary, that there are also such significant examples in the world of coffee regarding equal opportunities and fairness of the sexes in the workplace.

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