Some capsules are destroying your machine, why?


It happens too often that you insert a compatible capsule into our machine and you then have to strain the lever too much, with the risk of even breaking it.

What happens to the capsule after inserting it?

It is pierced on the back by some needles and some holes are made in the back of it, allowing water to enter and flow inside the capsule. Then the capsule is pierced frontally, to allow the drink to be dispensed.

Frontally there are absolutely no problems, because in all cases, or almost, the capsule is closed by a light aluminum foil, very easy to cross.

The problem, however, exists in the back of the capsule, if the same is not designed in the best way.

In fact there can be two types of compatible capsules:


1. It, as you can see, is not pre-drilled, and therefore it does not have any type of hole on the back. Having a full and thick bottom, the needles will find it more difficult to pierce the capsule. Consequently, by straining the machine too much in the closing phase of the lever, you can wear the same much faster or you could even break it.


2. The second one, an Ernani capsule, is pre-drilled,  as it has clearly visible holes on the bottom, which facilitate the entry of the needles. In this case there is no risk of breaking the machine or breaking the capsule inside.

If the capsule has small holes in the bottom, can coffee leak out?

Absolutely not! The coffee does not come out of the capsule and does not come into contact with oxygen in any way, which would cause its oxidation. This is because the capsule also comes with an aluminum film barrier on the back. With this system it becomes self-protected, i.e. your coffee inside is protected from any external agent and does not require additional protective external packaging, thus avoiding further waste material, with a little trick for the environment.

It is therefore protected from any contact with the outside and the coffee inside is thus kept fresh and intense even for a long period.

Unfortunately, capsules are often created without considering the best technologies available, primarily to try to keep the price as low as possible, but with the result of wearing out a much more expensive component. This often denotes little attention to customers, from companies more focused on quantity than quality.

We at Ernani wanted to give you this information just to help you understand what the best choice might be for you.

And are your capsules with a closed or pre-drilled bottom?

Caffè Ernani team

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