A decaf that tastes good: you’ll believe it!

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"When you drink a decaf that taste like a normal coffee for intensity and taste, it means that the quality is high"

So writes X_Elba_X on tripadvisor about our decaffeinated: our single origin Adagio.

First of all it is important to emphasize that decaf is not born as such. Caffeine is only removed from the bean thanks to a specific, humid process. After which the coffee is rinsed and dried in the sun.

So far so clear, but this does not explain why it is so difficult to taste a "good decaf".

This is due to the fact that washing the coffee bean alters its aroma, since it removes, in addition to caffeine, also part of the natural oils, which form the aromatic profile in the cup.

For this reason it is considered a low category coffee.

So the majority of roasters choose a lower quality raw material as it is ruined in any case and then opt for the usual dark roasting, which magically hides all the coffee's defects, thanks to a strong burnt aroma, making it simply bitter.

In contrast, we at Ernani have decided to invest in quality green beans. In this way, even if it partially depleted by the decaffeination process, they still remain a valuable product, with an interesting aromatic profile, enhanced by the medium roasting.

Because taking away caffeine doesn't mean taking away the taste.

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