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The blend that made the history of the Corso Buenos Aires roasting in Milan, born in 1909 and imprinted in the memory of all the Milanese

The historic Roastery of Corso Buenos Aires was opened in 1909 and from that moment it has always delighted its customers with sensational coffees and surprising aromas.

The various managers of the business, who have followed one another over time, say that the Blue Diamond blend has always been a constant in the history of the roastery.

The blend has been improved over time, but remaining true to its basic concept: a blend of only fine Arabica. It offers aromatic intensity, incredible and well-defined scents, cream and velvety body in a cup and an out of the ordinary sweetness.

The coffees selected to obtain the Blue Diamond are, as already mentioned, all parto to the Coffea Arabica family. They come from India, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. It will therefore result in an aromatic, velvety, light and fresh coffee, in which sweetness and a pleasant acidity will prevail over bitterness.

Everything is enhanced by the medium roasting carried out separately for each single origin. This type of roasting enhances the natural aromas of raw coffee, extracting only the best from each bean.

In short, in this mixture are enclosed: History, passion, research, innovation, tradition and quality.

We at Ernani are very fond of Blue Diamond. We have in fact decided to offer it in all the formats proposed: Nespresso compatible capsules, 1000 gr and 250 gr grains and 250 gr ground coffee for mocha, espresso, Neapolitan, gaggia, filter coffee and Turkish coffee.

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