How to go sugarless with coffee

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We know that it would be better to avoid sugar or at least limit its consumption. This is why more and more people try to learn how to drink coffee without its classic companion.

Going sugarless, I know, is very difficult, because it means eliminating a routine. In addition, the taste of sugar has now become more part of the coffee experience than the real coffee taste.

How do you get used to go sugarless?

The trick is actually simple: decrease the dose of sugar slowly and at most replace it with a little milk. Over time, milk will also be eliminated and you’ll begin to enjoyed coffee in its natural state.

At the beginning it will still seem a little "strange", but if you trust me, even a little bit, I assure you that you will immediately begin to appreciate the incredible aromas that you will savor in each cup. You will be able to feel aromatic notes and also the different nuances of fruit, cocoa, cinnamon, citrus, flowers, caramel, toasted and so on …

You will feel that some coffees are more intense, others fresher and more delicate, some sweeter, others more citrusy and therefore pleasantly acidic, others even more bitter, but never annoyingly.

If it's so easy to get rid of sugar, why do I always go back every time I try?

To start drinking this sugar-free drink it is essential to choose the right coffee. In fact, not every coffee is suitable for this healthier consumption.

Too often you  had to drink really bad, annoyingly bitter coffees, even with sugar. So how could you drink it without?

This is due to the fact that most roasters use a dark roasting technique, because, to save on the quality of the raw material, they are forced to hyper-roast the beans, almost to the point of burning them, to hide their defects.

Result: unpleasant aromas, such as rubber, yuta, grass or wet wood, mold, etc.  are almost covered, but with a strong bitterness and a burnt sensation.

That's why drinking sugar-free coffee is thought to be almost impossible, given the very bitter taste of common coffees themselves.

On the other hand, roasters who focus on quality, like us at Ernani, make a careful selection of the raw material, using only the one free from defects. In this way it is possible to adopt a medium roasting technique, which does not cover at all the natural aromas of the beans, but on the contrary enhances them to the maximum, to be able to savor them in the cup.

Choosing a medium roasted coffee will make it easier to eliminate sugar.

You will flood your palate with taste, thanks to the numerous aromatic nuances and the perfect balance between sweetness and intensity.

And do you know what was the strangest thing for me?

After only a week drinking only sugar less coffee, I asked myself "why not just give yourself a little more sweetness for once?"

So without thinking too much I added only one small teaspoon of sugar ... well I could not drink it. It was really too sweet and I didn't like it anymore, because it didn't really taste like coffee.

 Seeing is believing. I would never want to go back!

 Martina Mazzoleni

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