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One of the best professional experiences I has was work there, our historical Torrefaction in Corso Buenos Aires.

How many memories and confidences have been shared with me by you, our loyal friends at the Torrefazione. Your warm words allowed me to relive those years, now gone, and the Corso Buenos Aires  atmosphere at the beginning of the last century.

It is the beginning of the twentieth century, Milan is a city in full development and ferment. It is a time of revolutions and growth for the automotive and aeronautics industry, for culture and design, for arts and crafts. In that very moment the espresso coffee machine was perfected in Milan and in 1909 the Corso Buenos Aires shop welcomed the first customers.

The whole Corso Buenos Aires was overwhelmed by the roasted coffee aroma spreading an authentic passion for coffee, made of great attention and dedication.

And this is exactly what those friends told me with a light in their eyes ...

"You were not here, but I have been coming to this roastery for more than forty years ... the bar was on the other side and the roasting machine was on this side. During the roasting, your coffee aroma spread to Loreto and everyone followed the aroma with their own nose up in the air to immediately come and drink a delicious cup of coffee "

“I had been coming here since I was in my Mom’s tummy. I was immediately exposed to the habit of drink the best coffee only, I certainly could not stop this tradition"

“I have been working here for 37 years now and we have always offered only excellent coffees. So many years have passed that I cannot consider many clients anything other than friends, calling them customers would not be enough, they are friends and part of the Torrefazione family"

“I have been coming here before you were born, I know all about these roastery and I have experienced all its changes. I saw the different furniture, I saw the different arrangements of the bar and cash desk, I saw when there was a roasting machine in this corner. Can you imagine the smell of coffee on the sidewalk? It was crazy, intense, it enveloped you and dragged you into the room. You couldn't be immune to it. This perfume can never be erased from my memory"

“I have been coming to the Torrefazione for about ten years now, I moved and changed jobs, but I have to come every day. Where could I drink a cappuccino like this? The milk is professionally mounted, compact and light, as if it were a cloud. And then the little heart drawn on the surface is a real treat, which causes an instant smile on my face. And I love those moments when I buy coffee to take home, I ask to grind it and I go close to the grinder because I cannot miss  even a little bit of that scent"

You can't even imagine how much these words excite me and all the team working at the Torrefazione every day with passion and dedication. These are the best rewards, these make us appreciate our work even more. Knowing that we are among your thoughts and that you are so fond of us makes us proud of how we do it.

Thanks to your words it is as if I had lived those years in which to roasting took place inside the Torrefazione, I imagine walking along the Corso, feeling the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee, stopping, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and smile.

All this can still be relived within the historic Roastery, because we tailor-made grind the coffee for you, filling the air with incredible scents, we pay attention to every single espresso we serve, thanks to more modern technologies, which allow us greater control and quality.

And even if we can no longer roast the coffee in the Torrefazione, we have created an incredible laboratory to make it, suitable for recreating the Ernani coffees so loved by you, always keeping the artisan method.

We certainly couldn't help you enjoy the scent of freshly roasted coffee, so our laboratory is always open and ready to welcome you and accompany you in the process.

Then 5 years ago we asked ourselves, why limit the experience of an Ernani coffee only in the Torrefazione? Hence the site CaffeErnani.com and the related ecommerce, thanks to which Ernani arrived throughout Europe.

From the counter directly to your home, the coffee of the historic Torrefazione of Corso Buenos Aires, loved by all Milanese since 1909, now available wherever you want, at any time.

Every Milanese has had an espresso at the Corso Buenos Aires bar and now everyone can continue this ritual even within the home.

Today as then, every Ernani coffee is an explosion of aromas that come from all over the world, it is a journey through Italian traditions and taste that conquers from the first sip.


of Caffè Ernani

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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