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La Torrefazione was born a long time ago in the spaces of the historic roasting of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.

Indeed, the Torrefazione was born in 1909, right in front of one of the first tram tracks created in the revolutionary Milan of the twentieth century.

The union between the location on one of the most popular commercial streets of Milan and an exceptional coffee, loved by all Milanese, has made this small place a point of reference for its beloved customers.

The history of espresso and Italian coffee in general has been made in the Torrefazione.

Over the years the passion for this magical drink has never run out. Each blend created and served has continuously mirrored the tastes of cup lovers. Each coffee has evolved with the desires and needs of the various eras that have followed one another ... techniques have been refined, the knowledge of roasters has increased and more and more raw raw coffees have been sought, to offer only the best.

The work continues today, trying to improve every espresso that is served, to get even closer to perfection.

Our most loyal customers always tell us that when they drink an espresso prepared by the master bartenders of Torrefazione Ernani they experience an experience that envelops the palate, which surprises in taste and which makes them perceive incredible aromas and a decisive but delicate intensity.

Inside the cafeteria you can stop to take a classic Italian espresso "drunk on the fly", which will give you the energy to continue the day, but you can also find a group of people with whom you can have two laughs and feel at home.

And why not, if you are curious and want to know something more about the drink you usually consume, we are ready to tell you anecdotes and interesting information, which make you discover news about this huge sector that is coffee.

For all these reasons the Corso Buenos Aires venue is chosen by more than half a million Milanese every year and beyond ... in fact we welcome customers from the most various parts of the world.

The question arises ... why treat yourself with an excellent coffee only outside your place?

Hence the idea that led to the creation of online sales.

All the blends and single origin products you love now arrive comfortably wherever you want, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe. The exact same coffee that you taste in Torrefazione every day you can now taste it fresh even within the home or in the office, as soon as you feel like it.

It arrives perfectly packaged inside lively packs, colored in the typical Ernani yellow, such as those of the Torrefazione, but adapted to allow the coffee to be kept for up to 12 months, without undergoing any alteration of aroma or intensity.

This way you won't have to worry about transportation, nor having to consume it as quickly as possible. You can also have a nice stock of coffee, without having to think about how to keep it fresh.

As soon as you open the transparent bag inside the package, your kitchen will be flooded with a fantastic aroma, which will bring back many memories.

The taste will always be fresh, as if freshly ground.

Relive the same experience of roasting wherever you want.

Martina Mazzoleni

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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