The women of Caffè Ernani: Martina


Hi Martina, you are the last member to join the Ernani coffee family. And you're the marketing manager, correct?

Yes, right! I’m the last addition and right away I was given the opportunity to take on responsibilities and tasks, sometimes even delicate ones, and I can truly sense a complete trust in me!

Sorry if I ask you, but you're young. How did you get to Ernani so early?

Well yes I am young, but I am proud to work for Ernani precisely because of the values and trust that the members entrust to the youngest. They giving us the opportunity to experience and grow professionally. I like being able to work with them precisely because I am able to understand when there is potential and I am able to cultivate the opportunity and get to it.

How did your passion for coffee come about?

Completely by chance!

I grew up in this world since I was a child, but I have never been seriously interested in or informed about it.

At the age of 19, however, in the first year of university, I wanted to start earning some money, so I found a job on the weekend in the Torrefazione of Corso Buenos Aires, unaware of what was behind that simple sign with the hat.

Initially my only concern was to become a "good barista", but I was not able to understand that I had to train at 360°, it was not enough to be kind to customers and know how to make a good espresso.

Slowly then I heard about the different variants and families of coffee beans, I started asking a thousand questions to my colleagues and our roaster ... then I started buying books, taking courses and so on until now.

I found that behind that small and narrow cup of coffee that we consume daily at the bar, there is a whole multifaceted reality, in which thousands and thousands of lives intertwine, in completely opposite places and conditions, with a single common goal: create a magical drink.

In a way, coffee is more fascinating than wine! For example, the beans, if well worked, can offer a much greater range of aromatic nuances than wine!

When I realized that all this should not be taken for granted, but that we must appreciate it, understand it, study it, change it and improve it, well my passion was born there.

And I think this was noticed by Luca and Claudia, my two "bosses" who offered me a job in the company after graduation.

Ok this is true passion!

So we know why you're here! But what do you do in your everyday life?

I take care of everything you need! In a small company like this, you have to work closely with a united team to be able to do great things.

My main duties, however, are the care of the e-commerce site, marketing, customer care and the general management of communication to the outside. Obviously all this is integrated with our cafè in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan, the famous Torrefazione.

What is your goal?

My main goal is to transmit the passion for coffee.

For this reason I care a lot about our blog ABCoffee and the Torrefazione staff, because they are Ernani's face, the ones with whom people interact directly, they are the ones who personally transmit the values ​​and the passion of the company.

In my opinion, if you can pass this on to our customers and readers, everything else comes by itself!

In general, I hope to be able to do great things ... to be able to modify and improve this sector at least a little! I will work hard for this!

I'm curious, however, what do you do in your free time? Do you have other passions?

Yes, I have two other passions in particular, with which I can express the side of my craziest character: motorbikes and traveling.

My father handed me the love for the bike. I made it my own because when I'm in the saddle I feel free, the wind on my skin, the sun on me, the adrenaline that only curves and speed can give you ... it's an incredible anti-stress, which makes you feel real emotions!

The same goes for travel. Being in the midst of people with different cultures, habits and traditions, makes you appreciate yours more, but also gives you a different key to the world, opens your mind and heart and teaches you a lot about yourself and others.

One of my last trips was to Tanzania, I lived a few days in the huts of the Masai tribe in the middle of the savannah, never made a more beautiful trip!

I also like to reinterpret these experiences in order to always find new ideas to apply in my work!

You feel passion and warmth in your words and you made me want to discover something more too!

Thanks for the chat and good job!

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