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Hi Naima, what a pleasure to finally be able to talk to you too!

I know that you are one of the latest additions to the team, but right from the start you showed yourself full of energy, an enterprising, passionate and determined person. So much so that you have become one of the reference people within the restaurant!

Thank you very much, these words fill me with pride. It's nice when all your efforts are recognized.

Well, let's get to know each other a little, tell me a little about yourself and your story. How did you come to work behind the famous Ernani bar?

Initially I worked in another sector, in fact for 11 years I worked in an important clothing company. I was mainly in charge of setting up the shop, together of course with the sale.

I liked the position, the problem was that I had reached a point where I no longer had motivation, I was a little too laid back on routine for my tastes.

For me this was really frustrating because I am a person who loves to get involved, learn new things and experiment.

At that time a person very dear to me, who was already a pastry chef for a living, had decided to start his own company and I took the ball by starting the company with him!

I had already experienced working in direct contact with the public and I couldn't do without it anymore, it was really fun! So we created our own patisserie.

However, over time, it sometimes happens that companies begin to disintegrate a bit; there was some friction between us. So I understood that it was time to take on a new challenge ... and here I am in the Torrefazione!

Of course being the owner of your place was really interesting. But luckily I immediately found this company, where they I’ve been told about the project, the brand and that immediately transmitted me an immense passion for coffee. I am delighted to have thus become part of the Caffè Ernani family.

Did you already know the world of coffee?

No, actually not at all.

I thought coffee was the only classic espresso I drank every morning. Instead it is much more! There is an incredible story behind it, it is an immense sector, which includes many roles and key figures and in one way or another it touches all of us!

Wow, from your words we understand the admiration you feel towards this world! Has coffee become a passion for you?

Yes, absolutely.

Coffee is a real passion and you don't know how many hours I lose myself when I listen to people talking about it. Kidnapped, I try to store as much as possible of these insights.

In addition, I also have the opportunity to train in the company, visiting directly the roasting laboratory where they roast our single-origin products and then create the blends.

And I am convinced that anyone who began to discover what is behind this simple cup of espresso coffee would love it instantly.

Yes, I agree with you on this!

So I assume you like the work environment.

Yes, I really like the fact that it is a company with stability and a great project behind it, this gives me security. In addition to the fact that in Milan we are quite well known and this is also a source of pride for me, obviously without exaggerating!

I also like the fact that it is a family business. In this way I always have direct contact with my owners and a good relationship of complicity has also been established.

This makes me feel really important within the company and makes me more responsible for my duties, because I do not want to disappoint anyone.

Speaking more of the work itself, of the manual part, what is your favorite thing?

Certainly one of my favorite moments is the conception and then the setting up of the windowshop and the shop itself, since I can express all my creative flair.

But the part that gives me the greatest pleasure is definitely the contact with the public.

I could never think of working closed somewhere and not being able to chat with anyone. I like being able to relate to each of my clients and then see their smile on their face and that they appreciate the service.

This work is certainly heavy and requires considerable patience, but I guarantee that if you do it with passion and care so much about the quality of the service you offer, stress does not exist.

Once again I agree with you!

Now I would like to ask you the last question, the usual one: if you could change anything about the roasting company, what would you change?

I have a project in mind that I am already working on in reality. I would like to be able to communicate to customers, through the store, more about the Ernani company, its history and the refinement of its products.

For me it really has too good a story behind it, which is a shame not to make known in the right way.

So I would like to be able to modify the shop and set it up differently to be able to convey more.

Well then I can't wait to see how you will achieve this, I will come and see you soon.

Good work Naima!

Martina Mazzoleni 

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