Coffee and lemon: an ally against headache


It is time to confirm or debunk a classic popular saying:

"Coffee makes the headache go away".

Does this natural grandma remedy really work?

Does it have a scientific basis?

Well yes! Coffee combined with lemon has a mild analgesic effect and therefore helps relieve headaches in a short time.

Of course, it may not be very good at an organoleptic level, but from a scientific point of view, caffeine and lemon citric acid are a winning combination!

The beneficial effect is validated, among others, also by Vincenzo Tullo, neurologist specialist and head of the Headache Clinic of Humanitas Mater Domini.

It should be noted that migraine is due to a vasodilation of the extracerebral intracranial vessels. In simpler words, the blood vessels around the head dilate.

On the contrary, caffeine has a vasoconstrictive effect, that is, it constricts the blood vessels themselves. From this it is clear that it reverses the widening of the vessels, which is the cause of the headache.

The lemon also contains both essential oils, which improve digestion, and citric acid, which salifies the caffeine.

The former, by improving digestion, increase the concentration of oxygen molecules in the blood, relieving pain caused by migraines.

Citric acid salifies caffeine, improving its intake in the intestine.

The combination of these three elements, caffeine, citric acid and essential oils gives concrete relief against headaches.

How to prepare this magical drink?

Just prepare an espresso and pour it into a glass with half a lemon squeezed. If the taste is too intense or even unpleasant, dilute the drink with a little warm water.

But be careful!

The causes of the onset of headaches are many and different, so this remedy does not work for all types of headaches.

To be useful, it must be an occasional throbbing headache.

Conversely, if you have a muscle tension headache, caused by an unregulated lifestyle, bad meals, lack of sleep, stress, and so on, coffee can increase the headache rather than reduce it.

Although we have validated this popular saying, we must not go too far now!

You don't have to start drinking coffee after coffee all day with the hope that the headache will pass, because with too much caffeine you would get the opposite.

The limit is always and in any case set at about 3 coffees per day by the WHO (World Health Organization).

There is still a lot of research on the relationship between coffee and health.

For example, researchers at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, United States, have shown that if patients are given coffee before surgery, a significant reduction in post-operative headaches is achieved.

Furthermore, coffee and lemon, prepared in a different way, can also be served at the end of a meal to improve the digestive effect.

Just rub the peel of a lemon, well washed, inside the cup for about a minute and then prepare a normal coffee. Or you can also prepare coffee with the mocha by infusing a lemon peel in the boiler with the water.

You will see how easier it will be to digest a hearty meal!

Now I wait for your opinion, try and let me know if it worked!

Martina Mazzoleni

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