I present to you the first organic coffee from Ernani: Nicaragua Premium coffee


The first organic coffee among the products of Caffè Ernani has arrived. And we couldn't have started better than this!

We have selected a fantastic premium single origin coffee from Nicaragua.

These incredible beans are grown in the San Juan del Rio Coco region, in the north-east of the state of Nicaragua.

It is grown in an emerging producer reality, the Procafe R.L. an admirable company that is committed to respecting various socio-environmental aspects of the coffee supply chain.

In fact, as an expert coffee cooperative with various certifications, from organic to fair trade, from Woman's hand to the Rain-forest Alliance.

These stamps are proof of the commitment that Procafe R.L. aims to protect the environment, the work and quality of life of farmers and of the beans.

Returning to our fantastic Nicaragua, I can tell you that it is a high quality coffee, sown, harvested and treated with 100% organic methods.

Each cultivated bean is checked by auditors outside the cooperative, who evaluate the objective quality of the coffee and the goodness of the “Organic” seal.

Furthermore, before being exported and sold, it is tasted and evaluated according to the internationally valid method: cupping.

After these tastings the experts gave a score of 83 out of 100. When it exceeds 80 points the coffee can be defined as Premium, or gourmet or specialty, in any case these terms indicate a particularly fine coffee.

So this coffee is a single origin of Arabica variety, grown between 800 and 1000 m above sea level.

The beans are medium to large in size, with the classic sinuous slit in the center.

It was harvested following the picking technique, i.e. the manual harvest carried out cherry by cherry, taking only those perfectly ripe and ready.

After which the harvested cherries, containing our beans, were processed with the washed method, that is, stripped in large vats of water that clean up everything, and then let the beans dry in the sun independently.

The roasting we have decided to adopt is the classic medium Ernani roasting, of a warm cinnamon color. Thanks to this we were able to enhance all the natural aromas of green beans to the maximum, making them intense and intriguing.

In particular we can perceive sweet and delicate aromas of flowers, a pleasant and round acidity, given by the scent of lemon peel. It is then possible to perceive light notes of nuts which makes everything lovable.

The bitterness is practically absent and is not even made excessive by roasting, making it a practically perfect coffee to be tasted without sugar.

The body is round, while the cream envelops the tongue and is compact on the palate.

It comes in 250 grams bags and you can choose whether to buy them in whole beans, ground for moka or espresso.

Now you just have to select the format you prefer, wait for it comfortably at your home and get ready to taste it!

Martina Mazzoleni

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