The Kalledevarapura has arrived in Torrefazione Ernani in Milan!


A surprise is coming at Ernani Roasting!

On the occasion of the International Coffee Day and MilanoCaffè 2020, a brand new and truly special single origin will be added to the products of the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires.

In particular, on Saturday 3 October, from 7.00 to 19.30, this incredible Indian coffee will be served at the counter and is available in beans and ground for domestic consumption, with its own characteristics that make it unique in its kind.

It is called Kalledevarapura Estate Pulped Sun-dried, which we nicknamed Kalle.

Let's start from the beginning: Kalle, which takes its name from the homonymous Kalledevarapura plantation, is grown in India in the Bababudan Giri region, the place of origin of Indian coffee, located between 1000 and 1450 meters above sea level.

It is defined as the place of origin of coffee in India since legend has it that a pilgrim named Baba Budan in 1670, passing through Yemen, from which port the export of raw coffee was prohibited, managed to take away some precious coffee beans, ingesting them, and planting them in this region, where the first coffee harvest took place and where a hill still exists today, Baba Budan Giri Hill, which bears his name.

This is where a group of fifth generation harvesters specialized in the cultivation of Arabica quality beans.

In fact, this very high quality coffee stands out from most on the market thanks to the meticulous routine of care of the plants and coffee berries.

They are harvested strictly by hand, selecting the ripest cherries one by one and processed with great care, following the semi-washed method.

And not only!

In addition to all this, particular respect is reserved for both the environment and the workers.

In fact, only organic fertilizers are used, to protect the natural ecosystem of the earth, moreover their production, in fact composting the waste of the coffee cherry. They also drain the water used in the plantation to be able to reuse it also in the subsequent processing of the raw grain.

But the thing that struck me most is the wonderful respect one has for the workers on the plantation.

Many are unaware that workers in coffee-producing countries are generally very poor and live in unhealthy conditions with severe economic disadvantage.

It is for this reason that within the plantation they decided to create entire neighborhoods where they could live for free in houses also served by running water and electricity.

They are also provided with essential medicines, free school for their children, economic bonuses and maternity leave.

All this makes Kalledevarapura an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly coffee, to be appreciated not only for its taste, but also for the wonderful history that brings it to us.

Going instead into the details and more technical characteristics, Kalle is a coffee with an elegant and balanced character, with a moderate acidity, in which sweet notes of white chocolate and vanilla prevail over bitterness.

It is a perfect coffee to be consumed even late in the day, thanks to its low caffeine content.

These characteristics are then enhanced by the typical Ernani roasting, a medium roasting, thanks to which all the aromas are able to best express, making everything less bitter than the classic Italian espresso.

For this reason I suggest you try it without sugar, to be able to better perceive all these intriguing characteristics.

At Ernani, we care a lot about the aspect of sustainability and the protection of all workers, which is why we focus only on coffee that guarantee these aspects.

I am waiting for you at the Torrefazione on Saturday 3 October to serve you a Kalle!

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Paolo Sangalli

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