Caffè Ernani is much more than a coffee!


Caffè Ernani is much more than a coffee!

Ernani is in direct contact with the customer, through our Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.

It is wholesale distribution, thanks to which we have the honor of collaborating with real experts in the sector.

It is advice to consumers, because awareness is essential when deciding to buy a product.

Certainly these are not easy times, many of our colleagues, as owners of bars and restaurants, are really in difficulty and it is not easy to always be positive. Every now and then despair prevails.

This is why even in the sector, acronym for Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café, we want to be as close as possible to all our collaborators.

In fact, in our small way we want to try to make this delicate period more certain and stable.

The “how” is fundamental: availability 24/7 with a series of free services.

We believe that making our presence felt constantly to all collaborators is important to build a real relationship of mutual trust and solidarity. The goal is to create a genuine, concrete and mutually supportive partnership.

This is why we offer our customers a range of free complimentary services, such as technical assistance, consultancy or training.

In fact, when a barista or an entrepreneur decides to rely on Caffè Ernani, he is not limited to buying coffee, but is also provided with all the equipment suitable for carrying out his work in the best possible way.

And not only!

You are given the opportunity to train, always free of charge, to learn how to use all the equipment in the best way, in order to be able to extract a perfect espresso every time, rich in aromas, with a round body and a velvety cream.

For those who want, you can also deepen your knowledge of coffee or even take advanced courses.

Knowing and knowing what it is about is the key to offering an impeccable service and product to end consumers.

But this is still not enough!

For any technical failure, we are ready to intervene with technical assistance to resolve the problem as soon as possible and not cause inconvenience during service hours.

Finally, we also offer other types of consultancy, such as digital marketing.

Nowadays it is also important to be found online, a place where already and potential new customers find you, read information, decide whether or not to come to your bar or restaurant and finally find out what other people are saying about you.

From this we understand that presenting yourself in the correct way is a real and concrete aid to the success of your business.

All this is also possible remotely!

Finally, as already mentioned, what we are in is a very delicate period, in which uncertainty is king.

Who among us in front of always new DPCM, regulations to adapt the place to Covid-19, finding new hygiene products, signs to be posted in every corner, measures to be taken, signs to be installed, new working methods and so on away, did you not feel lost and uncertain about the correctness of his actions?

This is why even in this period we have rolled up our sleeves to offer all the material and useful advice to help adapt the premises in compliance with all the anti-covid regulations in place.

Thanks to all this we at Ernani are happy with every relationship we have built with our customers. Being close to them also gives us the opportunity to grow professionally, as they are the real artists of the cup, who offer Caffè Ernani to their customers day after day. Feeling satisfied with our collaboration is enough to make us work harder and harder.

"The passion for coffee never sleeps"


Luca Mazzoleni 

Commercial agent 

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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