Be pampered by our Christmas Blend!


Like every year, in December we create a new blend, dedicated to the holiday season.

We wanted to create a blend that can satisfy everyone's tastes, so that you can offer it to all your guests and leave them speechless.

A blend designed to end a hearty lunch, which reactivates and helps digestion.

A blend that can also be sipped calmly and that reminds you of a nice cup of steaming, sweet and delicate tea, or, why not, even a delicious hot chocolate.

All these characteristics must be present within Ernani's Christmas Blend.

A special thanks to Paolo, our roaster, who came to obtain the perfect blend, a balanced combination of Arabica from Central America and Robusta, one from Africa and one from Asia.

It is a blend with a higher prevalence of Arabica coffee. Having said that, one might think that it will therefore be light, pleasantly acidic or very aromatic.

In part, this description corresponds to reality, as many intriguing aromatic notes are present in the cup. In fact, the selected Arabica, specifically the Brazilian Santos Cerrado Bom chocolate and Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango, are very particular, as they have very little acidity, and release intense aromas of bitter cocoa the first and ripe fruit, such as plum or strawberry, the second. 

The sweetness is then balanced by the added bitterness of Robusta coffees and intense and truly tasty notes of dark chocolate.

Paolo was thus able to reduce acidity and pleasantly increase a slight bitterness, to balance everything as in a melodic symphony.

Finally, the espresso cream is compact and of an intense hazelnut color, while the body is round and enveloping.

When I imagine myself tasting this blend, I always think of a winter afternoon, sitting on the sofa, warmed by a blanket, with a nice cup of steaming filter coffee. I enjoy the coffee one sip at a time while I warm my hands by wrapping my mug.

In summary, it can be described as an enveloping coffee, with a round body, balanced between the sweet notes of ripe fruit and the bitterness of cocoa.

The aftertaste mainly highlights notes of cocoa and nuts and is pleasant and persistent over time.

It is a coffee suitable for those looking for a coffee balanced between sweetness and bitterness, with enveloping notes of ripe fruit and chocolate.

It is possible to obtain such an aromatic intensity only with a medium roast, thanks to which the quality raw coffee bean can express itself at its best, releasing all its aromas!

From today it is available both at the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan, and online.

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