The men of Caffè Ernani: Marco


Hello Marco! You and I have known each other for several years now. We started more or less together to work at the roasting. But thanks to this interview I got to know you even better and I'm really happy about it!

We finally meet another man from the Caffè Ernani team, after Luca and Renzo.

I'd start by asking you something about the path that brought you here to us. What studies did you do and what work experiences did you have?

Hi Marti!

I have always had an artistic streak so I decided to get a diploma in art.

Then decided to do an experience abroad, spending a year in England where my path got completely changed. Looking for a job to support myself and learn English at the same time, I came into contact with the restaurant business. First working behind the scenes, in the kitchen, and then moving around the dining room.

At that point something clicked inside me, I started to think concretely about making a job in line with my passion.

Back in Italy, however, for a first period I followed my father’s footsteps, in the wood business. I have never liked it very much, neither the sector nor the way business is carried out. It is an “old”, macho and very hierarchical world, in which not much room is left for creativity or change.

I understand, the work must also be exciting and enjoyable, otherwise it becomes really hard to carry on. So at this point you went back behind the counter?

I never actually left the counter. But at first it was just a second evening job.

After a few years, I finally made the decision to follow what I really like and leave the family business permanently.

Such a decision must not have been easy.

But have you always preferred the bar specifically or do you like the restaurant industry in general?

Absolutely the bar, without a doubt. The restaurant is a much more monotonous and repetitive job, with less interaction with the customer. So much can happen in a bar, it is accessible to anyone and allows me to get to know people well. For me it's just fun!

I also started working in bars in my city and all my friends always spent their evenings there. It's nice to be able to have fun and at the same time work and make that time worthwhile.

Ok so it's very clear, this is your job, you're a "bar animal". What's your goal now?

Open my local!

I imagined! What kind of venue? A roastery?

No, not necessarily. I don't actually have a specific venue in mind, I just want something that works. Everything will depend on the location, the city, the clientele I want to reach, the type of offer I will give. Therefore, based on the venue that I will find, I will adapt to the best to make it work to its full potential.

Sounds like a great plan to me!

But I'm curious, do you have any other hobbies or passions?

Football and team sport in general. I like to feel part of a group and to help and commit ourselves to achieve a common goal.

It goes without saying that all this also helps me in my work. The team encourages you, makes you improve and corrects you.

Right, you guys from the Torrefazione work side by side every day and if there is no teamwork it doesn't work much.

Now I would conclude with two usual questions, also asked to all your colleagues: what do you like most in Ernani and what would you change if you could choose anything?

So, I started working for Ernani 3 and a half years ago now. I was immediately struck by the fact that it is a historic place, with a great cultural background and a reputation that precedes it. All this makes me proud to work in this Torrefazione.

The ideal location, at the beginning of Corso Buenos Aires, allows you to reach a great amount of people. This means greater visibility of the brand, a service that must always be effective and efficient, greater opportunities to meet and meet new people and increase the number of repeat customers. In addition to the possibility of taking a little of Ernani around the world, telling the story and presenting the coffee to a huge number of tourists.

I also like the fact that we baristas are really trained: to work in a certain way, to present the product, to know coffee, to study its world. We are true experts in the sector and for me it is a source of pride.

Finally, I appreciate the relationship that has been created with the owners, and especially with Luca. The possibility of being able to chat with competent and trained people who made me grow, but who at the same time are open to suggestions and changes.

In a perfect world I would allow on 50% of the clients to enter the Torrefazione so as to have the opportunity to dedicate much more time to each customer and make the Torrefazione a real tasting room. However, this is incompatible with what has been said before and the number of customers we are able to reach.

Thanks Marco for this chat, it was very informative and I discovered some of your unedited thoughts. Now we all know you a little better!

See you for sure in Torrefazione Ernani in Milan,

Martina Mazzoleni

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