Why the yellow color of Caffè Ernani


There is a predominant color throughout the Ernani world: yellow.

This color is echoed in the logo, in the Torrefazione sign, in coffee packages, on the website, on social media, in any card or guide and also on the machinery used in the laboratory.

In short, everything is dominated by a warm, bright and lively yellow. A color that transmits warmth and happiness, as well as indelible memories of our beloved city: Milan.

Yellow is a truly evocative color and we are proud to have included it as the main symbol of our brand.

This color tells a completely Milanese story: it is the color of the historic trams, which dominated the streets throughout the twentieth century.

A revolutionary means of transport, an unprecedented novelty from the beginning of the last century, one of the first public means of transport inaugurated. It was synonymous with convenience and affordability for all the workers of this great city. But it was also a symbol of innovation and industrial revolution, dynamism and technology. Expression of an avant-garde city.

Do you know a little curiosity?

One of the first tramway lines, inaugurated at the beginning of the twentieth century, passed in front of our Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires, opened well in 1909, thus becoming one of the most historic roasting companies in all of Milan. The tram tracks started right from Porta Venezia, then along the whole Viale Monza.

Trams have now officially entered the means of transport used daily. The Milanese consider them an institution and love them, even if they are sometimes a little noisy. They are comfortable and ecological and arrive in every area of ​​the great metropolis.

The most historic, namely those of the 1500 series, have interiors with wooden seats and dim lights, and evoke warmth and history, while the exterior has an unmistakable yellow and cream color.

In short, they are a true living piece of Milanese history.

The service was inaugurated in 1876, but initially the carriages were drawn by horses. Only in 1900 was it electrified, only to be replaced by the subway in 1964.

But it doesn't stop there.

The yellow color is present in many symbols of Milan. Have you forgotten our favorite risotto? The yellow risotto, grains of rice flavored with saffron, to create a delicate, enveloping and really tasty aroma.

Every Milanese has their own recipe and each one is absolutely delicious.

And again: one of the first bike sharing services in Milan. Do you remember what colors the bicycles are? Just yellow and cream, just like the trams.

I like to think that we wanted to bring to mind the colors that inspired public transport the first time. Going back to the origins and transmitting the change in history, the evolution of means of transport and the new needs of citizens, while always remembering the origins.

A bit like we try to do at Ernani.


I leave you with a little gem.

Yellow is the most popular color for interior design of 2021.

This is why I do not hide the coffee packages in the pantry, but I always leave the packet clearly visible in the kitchen, to give a touch of color and trend to the environment as well.

It is a simply fantastic color and honestly it makes me happy. Not to you?

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Martina Mazzoleni 

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