The "Women's Coffee" has arrived


A new product has entered the Caffè Ernani catalog: the Brazilian Santos “Women's Coffee”! A coffee in which the goodness of the raw material blends with the passion and respect of those who cultivate it.

The Caffè delle Donne is a single origin from the Chachoeira company in Brazil, grown, harvested and processed by a plantation adhering to the IWCA protocol (International Alliance of Women in Coffee).

The IWCA is a symbol of the fight against exploitation and gender inequality, with a greater focus on the base of the coffee sector, in which farmers are generally poor and in disadvantaged social situations.

I'm sure that after reading the article you will also agree with me and admire this project as much as we do at Ernani.

The IWCA is a global network that unites and supports the entrepreneurship of millions of women around the world, starting from the nerve centers of the coffee trade, such as Guatemala, India and Brazil and which today operates in more than 22 countries.

It is a non-partisan and inclusive organization which does not consider sex, religion or political thoughts. It welcomes everyone, including individual, private or public organizations.

The only limit imposed is the sharing of the final common goal, namely the protection of the rights of every worker and the strengthening of the presence of women in the coffee community, an environment that has always been very masculine.

The core values of the association are:

  • Respect for people and their ideas
  • Economic and social sustainability
  • The fairness of the distribution of world resources
  • Collaboration between communities and the top management of corporate properties
  • The greatest enhancement of everyone's personal resources
  • The inclusion of everyone: women, men and young people, to produce a positive impact on their communities

The fundamental aspect is precisely the fact that it guarantees everyone the opportunity to lead a dignified, sustainable and meaningful life.

It is committed to being able to offer equal job opportunities to both sexes, as well as protecting the work itself, avoiding the exploitation of farmers.

The concrete commitment lies in attributing a higher wage, suited to the cost of living, greater respect and protection of their rights, or the construction of kindergartens inside the plantations or even the possibility of having healthy accommodation at advantageous prices.

We of the Caffè Ernani team strongly believe in gender equality.

As you have seen in previous articles, one of our administrators is Claudia, without whom the entire machine could not move. She is, to say the least, an essential part of the whole family and a point of reference for everyone.

Then there is me, Martina, who takes care of the entire marketing department, proud to be part of this team and ready to show how much we young girls are worth in the world of work.

Then we get to talk about Naima, the main figure of our Roasting in Corso Buenos Aires, with a great experience behind her and who always brings a touch of serious carefree in our service behind the counter.

And last but not least, there are Alessandra, Carolina and Monia, who keep their colleagues in line and always careful to offer impeccable, fast and professional service.

Read the technical sheet of the “Caffè delle Donne” >>

Now you just have to enjoy an excellent coffee, while you too support such a noble project.

Martina Mazzoleni

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