Coffee grounds: 16 ways to reuse them at home


Every time we prepare a coffee then we throw away the exhausted ground coffee.

But do you know that there are at least 16 different ways to recycle them and take full advantage of the benefits your coffee can give?

Here are some ideas from which you can take inspiration to reuse coffee grounds before throwing them in the trash, from beauty treatments for the body to fertilizing the garden, as well as cleaning the house.

1. Clean washable surfaces in the house

Coffee is great for removing stubborn dirt from various surfaces in your home, such as coffee pots, pots, plates, ovens, and fireplaces.

Just moisten the used coffee and rub it on the surface in question with the help of a sponge. For a more intense result, also add a little neutral soap.

For the fireplace, sprinkle all surfaces well with damp funds and scrub vigorously. It will be very useful in removing all ash residues, as well as odors.

2. Polish steel surfaces

Coffee is perfect for polishing.

For example, do you have a steel sink and would you like to see it clean or shiny?

Gently rub the damp coffee grounds with the help of a sponge and it will be as good as new.

3. It captures odors

Just fill a bowl of coffee with the grounds left to dry and let it act for a couple of days. Coffee is very porous and absorbs everything in its environment: you will have obtained a 100% natural deodorant.

You can use it in the refrigerator, in the shoe cabinet, in the cellar or even in the car, if you put the coffee in the toe of old tights to make a small bag.

4. Treat old damaged wooden furniture

The scratches on dark wooden furniture can be touched up using coffee grounds mixed with warm water until they become a creamy paste.

Then, with a small brush or a toothbrush, gently pass the mixture on the surface to be treated.

5. Antirust pincushion

Let the coffee grounds dry thoroughly, then use them as a DIY pincushion pad, which also prevents rust.

6. Dye the fabrics

The coffee color on fabrics is also obtainable in a natural way. Just bring the water to a boil with the coffee grounds and soak the fabrics.

The same dye can also be used to paint on canvas or paper.

7. Fertilize the flowers and the garden

Coffee grounds are perfect for fertilizing the flowers you love and acid soils, such as roses, azaleas, rhododendron, evergreens and camellias.

This makes the soil even more acidic and the flowers or plants can get more nourishment.

8. Sow the carrots

Do you have a green thumb and would like to create a small vegetable garden in your home garden or in your planters on the balcony?

Coffee grounds paired with carrot seeds will make it easier to distribute on the ground during planting. In addition, the coffee will give more nourishment to carrots, promoting their growth.

9. Enrich the compost

Coffee grounds are rich in potassium, phosphorus, copper and magnesium. They also release nitrogen into the soil and make it slightly acidic.

Consequently, they enrich your bin for outdoor composting.

10. Grow mushrooms

Coffee grounds are a very useful fertilizer for the home cultivation of mushrooms.

Everything can also be facilitated by the purchase of starter kits, which can be purchased at this link >>

11. Keep away ants and snails

If the ants have reached your home, don't resort to drastic and toxic remedies. Use the coffee grounds! Just place them in the affected areas to move them away.

In addition, the coffee grounds left to dry can also be used to sprinkle the edges of your garden to ward off snails, without resorting to chemicals.

12. Anti-cellulite treatment

We women know how much cellulite can sometimes be annoying.

By mixing the leftovers of ground coffee with brown sugar and a little coconut oil, it is possible to obtain a natural anti-cellulite treatment.

Then massage the mixture with circular movements and pressure that goes from bottom to top on the affected areas.

13. Body and face scrub

To have a clean and well-nourished skin it is recommended to do a scrub about once a week. In this way, residues of dead skin or waste that make it impure are eliminated.

If you combine the coffee grounds with olive oil, two ingredients that we all have at home, and mix them until you get a fluid mixture, you can then massage it into the skin and immediately see the benefits.

For a more targeted action suited to the delicate skin of the face, my favorite recipe for a DIY mask is:

  • 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons of milk or yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, apply the mixture on damp skin, massaging with circular movements from bottom to top and then leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

You will immediately see the skin on your face radiant like never before.

14. Anti-odor hand soap

Coffee is perfect for eliminating strong and unpleasant odors from your hands, such as the smell of fish, garlic or onion. Just take a little exhausted ground coffee and rub it on your hands. It can also be combined with soap, preferably that of Marseille.

15. Highlighter for hair

The coffee color has now become a must for the hair.

For those who already have brown hair, it is possible to obtain a natural and do-it-yourself highlighter using coffee grounds. Just take a small amount of the ground and add it to the neutral-colored henna, which is also a natural product.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to revive your color or make your hair shinier, just dilute a little leftover cold coffee in plenty of water and then rinse in the shower.

16. Footbath

An energizing foot bath is perfect for stopping sweating and keeping bad odors at bay. Just dilute exhausted coffee in warm water and leave your feet to soak. After that, take more coffee grounds and massage your feet to soften the rougher areas, thus operating a scrub.

Have you ever tried any of these uses for coffee grounds?

Martina Mazzoleni 

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