Different coffees for different times of the day


By now we have understood: there are all kinds of coffees, completely different from each other!

So why settle for just one coffee forever?

Each coffee is suitable for a specific time of day or specific experiences!

I like to always have packages of all kinds available, so that I can find what I am looking for!

But let's understand better which coffee to combine with which moment!

As already explained in various articles, which you can find by CLICKING HERE >>

there are single origin, Specialty Coffee and blends, there are Arabica and Robusta coffees, more aromatic, sweeter or more acidic, at different roasting levels.

There is certainly a coffee more akin to your tastes than others, but it doesn't have to be the only one.

For example, in the morning I, Martina, marketing manager of Caffè Ernani, always prepare a double Stretto, our 100% robust blend. The most caffeinated of all the Ernani blends: strong, full-bodied, creamy and more bitter, perfect for a hearty latteDISCOVER STRETTO>>

At mid-morning, on the other hand, I prefer Armonia, always intense and creamy, but definitely sweeter, with notes of chocolate. When I still need energy, but a more sweet coffee, perfect to drink without sugar, Armonia is ideal. DISCOVER ARMONIA >>

After lunch, as a ritual, I choose Allegro, a decidedly more fragrant and pleasantly acidic coffee, to end the meal in the best possible way and keep an excellent coffee flavor in the mouth. DISCOVER ALLEGRO >>

If I still want a coffee in the afternoon or in the evening, instead, I choose from the 100% Arabica offered by Ernani. Generally they are intensely aromatic and fragrant coffees, each time with different and well-defined aromatic notes, with even a lower caffeine content. Therefore perfect to be consumed even in the later hours of the day. However, what I drink most often is Blue Diamond, as it is the union of 5 different single-origin Ernani, which therefore contains the qualities of the coffees that compose it.

It is also the only 100% Arabica that is also present in capsules. When a bit of laziness comes out after the working day, I like the fact that I have a coffee that is already "ready to use". DISCOVER THE BLUE DIAMOND >>

Finally, the evening. Often even after dinner I want a good coffee, but I am one who perceives a lot the effect of caffeine and does not sleep at night even for a single espresso late in the day! So in the evening I dedicate myself to the Adagio, Caffè Ernani's decaffeinated coffee.

Now I already know that some of you readers will turn up their noses and think "I rather don't sleep then having a decaf!". Well, the time has come to drop this prejudice as well and try!

It is true that a few decades ago all decaffeinated coffees lost their body, cream and taste. But as in all sectors, even in the world of coffee there have been evolutions, changes and improvements. New decaffeination technologies and techniques have been discovered, as well as those already used in the past. By now the decaffeinated are full of "normal" coffee: intense, aromatic and full-bodied. Try it yourself and judge!

Test yourself with a blind taste: ask someone to make two coffees, one decaf and one not, while you try to guess which one is caffeine-free! DISCOVER ADAGIO >>

As I said at the beginning, however, there are not only different cafes for different moments of the day, but also different cafes for different occasions!

Let me explain: my friends know how much I love coffee and I have gradually built trust in them. Before, they didn't believe me when I talked to them about how vast and varied this world is, they almost thought that I was overdoing.

After many tasting experiences, they really started to trust me, because they felt firsthand what I was telling them.

And now they are asking me to let them try new flavors or alternative extraction methods!

That's why I really like our Sunday afternoons, when I invite everyone home before I go out. Each time I offer a different coffee combined with the best extraction method for the occasion, but generally they are always single-origin extracted by percolation with instruments with paper filters, my favorites.

On the last Sunday, for example, I chose a Guatemala Huehuetenango, which we are testing as a new single-origin future for sale on Ernani, with extraction in Clever.

These methods offer us a longer coffee than the classic Italian espresso, perfect to be sipped calmly, while chatting in a group, almost more like the concept of tea. Even the preparation becomes like a ritual, as it requires attention, time and precision, as well as being scenic. 

Discover alternative extraction methods on Instagram @caffeernani >> and Facebook Caffè Ernani - Torrefazione >> .

On the contrary, when I get lazy, I use single portion capsules.

In the morning I love moka in milk, while in the afternoon I would never give up espresso.

Without forgetting a perfect cold brew in the summer!

In short, as you can see, there are many extraction methods, but even more single-origin coffees, not to mention the blends, which are potentially infinite.

Why limit yourself to just one type of coffee then?

Experiment! It's the funnest part of being a coffee lover!

And if you need advice or more information contact me via email on shop@caffeernani.com  or a whatsapp message on +39 3756879940.

Martina Mazzoleni 

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