New green blend in Ernani: For the Planet


I introduce you to the new Caffè Ernani project in collaboration with Gone West: For the Planet.

The name "For the Planet" already unveils the intent of the project. In fact, the collaboration was born to give new life to our coffee.

We at Caffè Ernani are trying to increase our commitment to the environment step by step. The road is still long, but the work to get there is continuous.

I came across this company, Gone West, by chance, and I was immediately fascinated by it.

I had to contact them… and so I did!

And now we are finally ready to launch a new product: the For the Planet blend.

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But let's go step by step.

What is Gone West?

Gone West is a company inspired and guided by concrete environmental and socio-economic objectives.

Since 2013 it has planted more than 5 million trees and created over 150 "green" jobs.

It offers people and companies innovative and creative opportunities to work towards building a better future, combining the urgency of conserving and regenerating the planet's natural resources, with the need to ensure economic and social stability throughout the entire process.

"Together we are stronger"

By raising funds thanks to various existing collaborations with several companies, it makes all of us participate as new shareholders for the environment.

How? By planting trees!

And here is where the For the Planet project comes into play!

It is an initiative created with the aim of enriching partner products and offering customers and consumers the opportunity to help the planet by planting trees.

It is a solution designed to give back the power of action to companies willing to make a difference.

By planting dozens of native species, they not only repair the life support system, but also create a more fire-resistant landscape, which provides a safer habitat for the people and animals that live in the area.

Gone West doesn't just plant trees, but also protect them!

Plant&Protect means planting trees with respect for their environment and establishing management practices that protect them throughout their life, very different from traditional forestry operations.

As you may know, the forest sector reduces the value of trees by focusing only on the timber they can produce and the carbon they can sequester.

To be legitimate and to ensure that all trees are actually planted and protected they have “Plant & Protect” agreements, contractual and completely waterproof. With this initiative they guarantee a long life for the trees planted.

And finally they really put everything to the test!

  • It is economically feasible;
  • Environmental friendly;
  • Ecologically sustainable;
  • Designed with respect for the natural environment;
  • And the planet AND the people are given importance.

From their humble beginnings they have planted more than 5 million trees. Furthermore, over time, they have acquired relevant and vast experience in the creation of woods, repopulation, landscaping and maintenance work.

The goal? Create environmental and social benefits around the world, generate ethical and ecological jobs and help create or restore natural habitats.

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What do we at Caffè Ernani do with Gone West?

We at Caffè Ernani have decided to create a new blend that will be called For the Planet.

A blend designed specifically for the occasion, with an unmistakable taste, which leaves an indelible trace in our memory, but also in the environment!

In fact, for each pack of coffee sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Gone West company for the For the Planet project, to which we have joined.

This is where you come in!

Thanks to your purchases you can help the environment, you can be an integral part of the shareholders who pay particular attention to the increasingly felt and urgent environmental problem!

It's only you who can make this project really great!

Let's find out the For the Planet blend together

A coffee designed to end a hearty lunch, which reactivates and helps digestion.

A coffee that can also be sipped calmly and that recalls a nice cup of steaming tea, sweet and delicate, or, why not, even a delicious hot chocolate flavored with cinnamon.

Special thanks to Paolo, our roaster, who came to obtain a balanced coffee, the result of a skilful combination of Arabica coffees from Central America and Robusta coffee varieties from Africa.

In detail, it is a blend with a higher prevalence of Arabica coffee.

The selected arabicas, specifically the Brazilian Santos Cerrado Bom chocolate and Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango, are very particular, as they have very little acidity, and release intense aromas of bitter cocoa the first and ripe fruit, such as plum or strawberry, the second.

The sweetness is then balanced by the added bitterness of Robusta coffees and intense and truly tasty notes of dark chocolate.

Paolo was thus able to reduce acidity and pleasantly increase a slight bitterness, to balance everything as in a melodic symphony.

Finally, the espresso cream is compact and of an intense hazelnut color, while the body is round and enveloping.

It is a coffee suitable for those looking for a balanced blend of sweetness and bitterness, with enveloping notes of ripe fruit and chocolate.

All combined, as already explained, with a great environmental sustainability.

From 1 October 2021 it will be available on our website as well as at our coffee shop in Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

Taste it in Roasting and then buy it!

Find out more, view the product online >>

Martina Mazzoleni 

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