Ernani roasting: history and coffee


As you already know, Caffè Ernani is not just the roasting laboratory and it is not just a coffee brand!

Caffè Ernani is part of the history of Italian espresso, thanks to the Milanese cafè you can find in Corso Buenos Aires, 20, the “Torrefazione”

Have you ever been there?

Ernani's story began right within the Torrefazione walls!

The History of Ernani Roasting

The Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires was inaugurated in 1909, between revolutions and great industrial and economic progress.

In that period, also thanks to the improvement of the espresso coffee machine, a real coffee culture began to spread.

The Torrefazione thus becomes a point of reference for lovers of roasted beans and is distinguished by the passion and dedication that it manages to extract in every cup of coffee.


All this is also reflected today, considered one of the most prestigious and renowned cafes among the Milanese.

We can also read this from the words of:


ViviMilano, who writes: “Historical roastery in the heart of Corso Buenos Aires, since 1909 it has been a point of reference for coffee lovers. Among the specialties of the house is Blue Diamond, a coffee that has made the history of roasting, alongside blends and research single origins. It also offers a selection of high quality made in Italy chocolate, jams and biscuits."


Conosco un posto, a blog that all of us at Ernani passionately follow states: “It was 1909 when this roasting shop opened in Corso Buenos Aires and, after more than a century, Ernani is still in full swing to spread the culture of coffee in the city. Seeing the care and attention that the baristas give to the preparation of their medium roast will make you understand, even before bringing the cup to your mouth, that this is the right place to enjoy one of the best coffees in Milan."

And we couldn't be more proud of it!


Again, Le strade di Milano states: “The Ernani coffee roasting company is not just any roasting company, but it is a historic roasting company that is more than 100 years old. Its very strategic location in Corso Buenos Aires has made it a convenient meeting point."


And finally, Milano in tour dedicated an entire article to the roasting:

"Caffè Ernani is a Historical Roasting Company located in the Milanese street that best represents the rise of the powerful twentieth-century city bourgeoisie: Corso Buenos Aires.

We are at the beginning of the 1900s in a Milan in turmoil and projected towards the future.

Just think that at the time one of the latest innovations in the field of Food & Beverage was the espresso coffee machine, a real wonder for all the habitués of turn-of-the-century coffees.

And it is precisely in this unique and sparkling atmosphere that, in 1909, a historic shop opened its doors that we can visit even today: Caffè Ernani.

Imagine: the entire Corso Buenos Aires was overwhelmed by the roasted aroma coming from the Ernani roasting company, enticing passers-by to enter and discover the owners' great passion and dedication for coffee.

This magical atmosphere can still be breathed inside the historic roasting. The coffee is in fact ground on the spot and tailored to the customer, as was done in the ancient Milanese shops, filling the air with incredible aromas. "

As we can read, the history of Italian espresso has been consumed within its walls, passing from the primitive espresso machines, which offered a coffee similar to that of the moka, to get to today, where the most advanced technologies are mixed to the wildest passion and a deep knowledge of the raw material.

The passion for this drink has not yet run out and will never run out!

Over time, undoubtedly, coffees with different tastes and prepared in different ways have followed one another, but each blend created and served has always reflected the tastes of cup lovers.

The common point of all the coffees served since 1909 is precisely the continuous search for an exceptional coffee.

With the passage of time the techniques have been refined, the knowledge of the roaster, that is Paolo, has improved, and more and more valuable raw coffees have been selected in order to offer only the best!

You can read all this in several ABCoffee articles:

We all of the Caffè Ernani team, namely: Claudia, Luca, Paolo, Martina, Renzo, Marco, Andrea, Monia, Carolina, Alessandra, Riccardo, Francesco and Fabio, can only be proud to be part of this reality.

We are extremely proud of our small historic venue, and we are aware of the great responsibility we have.

In fact, we have the task of serving the history and culture of Italian espresso in a single cup of about 18 ml of coffee.


Medium Roasting

We now come to 2015, the year in which Ernani took on his own identity, with a new life and identified himself with a specific type of coffee: Medium Roasted coffees!

Thanks to the Medium Roast, all the coffees extracted by the expert baristas of the Roasting company are intense, with a wide range of aromas, ranging from ripe fruit, to citrus fruits, to flowers, to chocolate, honey, spices and many more!

The key feature is precisely to give anyone the opportunity to taste an excellent coffee, at the bar or at home, never excessively bitter, indeed, fresh and always different, thanks to its intriguing and varied aromatic profile.

Thus, everyone has the opportunity to find the coffee that best suits their tastes, eliminating even the sugar: the only way to fully appreciate your favorite coffee!

In addition to the Medium Roast, there is undoubtedly research and selection at the base.

It would not be possible to make an aromatic coffee if it did not start from a high quality raw bean, free from defects and processed only with the best care and attention.

And this process of selecting, researching and improving all our coffees never ends!

Birth of the online shop

Having said that, limiting ourselves to customers in Milan was now too restrictive, we wanted to convey the passion and knowledge of coffee to anyone!

This is where the online website was born >>, in which the exact same coffee from the roasting arrives directly to your home or office.


But if all this was possible and still is, it is only thanks to you! To you who supports us and who you trust.

To you who are a coffee lover, just like us and share our love for the roasted bean.

If we are still here after more than a century, the only person to thank is you. And so thank you from the whole Ernani team for making our work more beautiful every day!



We are waiting for you at Ernani Roasting in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

50 m from the M1 metro stop, Porta Venezia, direction Corso Buenos Aires even numbers.



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