What do you think of us?


Today I propose an article a little different than usual, a little out of the knowledge of coffee, but I think it is just as important.

What do those who have already bought our coffee think of us?

To collect reviews we relied on Trustpilot: a platform open to all companies and all customers, to share experiences, with the aim of helping companies to improve based on customer feedback.

The goal of Trustpilot's founders is to become the most trusted review platform in the world. Authenticity is therefore the founding pillar of their policy.

But let's get to the point! What do our customers think of us?

We can only be proud and happy of the average score, a nice 4.8 out of 5!

What can I say… Thanks!


If you want to read all the reviews just check out our profile on Trustpilot >>

Also I want to clarify that for us answering everyone is important, as you can see by clicking the link above.

But now let's review them together to get to know Caffè Ernani a little more!


“Great coffee. Excellent roasting. Excellent choice, there is coffee of choice for everyone’s taste”

Emilio touches all our main points with very few words, capable of getting straight to the point.

First of all, I thank him for considering our coffee "excellent" and this is certainly the most important feedback.

And the same goes for roasting. Being Ernani Roasters, recognizing research into this coffee variable is very important!

But one thing made me even more pleased: the comment “there is coffee of choice for everyone’s taste”.

As you will also see in subsequent reviews, it is essential for us to offer different coffees to allow you to find the right one!

Coffees are not all the same, there are different species, varieties, processes, roasts and extractions. We have decided to select “symbolic” coffees that cover a wide spectrum of these differences, to give anyone the opportunity to choose the right coffee that suits their tastes.

But we also know that not everyone is a coffee expert. We can't all be top experts on everything. So we have created a simple, intuitive and fast test, which with only 3 questions suggests the Ernani coffee that best suits your tastes!


“I tried this roastery that I didn't know, more than anything else I opted for this one because I wanted to choose a better coffee.

I found that they are very fast and the coffee is good so I recommend to anyone who wants to carve out a pleasant moment to try thanks to everyone and congratulations.

Fast and accurate service” 

We are also very pleased with this review, precisely because Maui has decided to rely on us even though he did not know us yet. And from what he writes, his expectations have not been disappointed, on the contrary!

We were able to give him what he was looking for: a superior quality coffee, to allow himself a moment of real pleasure.

And it is precisely for this reason that we roast coffee, to give anyone the opportunity to recognize a quality coffee, free from defects and medium roast!

In fact, thanks to our medium roasting we are able to bring out all the qualities of carefully selected raw coffees to the maximum and give the cup an intense and well-defined aroma.

Something that cannot be achieved with the classic dark roasting, or even defined as "Italian style", which almost burns the coffee.

At this point you may be wondering "why if it is so evident that medium roasting is the best, isn't everyone doing it?"

Because it's not that simple!

In order to make a medium roast, the coffee must necessarily be free from defects, because as it enhances the qualities it also exposes all defects. Obviously, a coffee without defects is more difficult to find, select, maintain and it is also more expensive!

Therefore, those who focus on quality, keeping a lower final price, must necessarily take a coffee with defects and then roast it just to try to hide them with the great bitter and burnt scent, in technical jargon called "empyheumatic".

And here is also the answer to one of the most frequent questions you ask me: "Why is it often so bitter when I drink coffee at the bar?".

Precisely for the degree of roasting chosen and the low quality of the raw coffee!

If you want to learn more about this, there are many articles on the subject on the caffeernani.com website in the ABCoffee blog!


Everything I have just told you is also reflected in the penultimate review that I propose, that of Claudio.

He too trusted us and decided to test different coffees to finally find the right one for his tastes!

I also refer to the second comment in his review: “the excellent Adagio decaffeinated coffee”. Because the same careful selection and experimentation that we apply to "normal" coffees, we also apply to decaffeinated!

I wrote a dedicated article on the subject, in which not only will I explain our Adagio, but I will also tell you about the process and the different methods that led to removing the caffeine from the bean and making it also dewaxed, therefore more digestible!

Read it now >>


“The coffee tasting is positive right up to the tasting. The scents are truly unique and pleasant. But basically, personally, I can't "win" the acidity of the coffee when tasting it. The sensation is too strong and it no longer makes me taste anything else.

Fortunately for now I don't mind the aftertaste.

Is there a way with the adjustment of the grind or the amount of coffee to correct the acidity?” 

Yes, you have seen well! I put the worst review I got, which still gives a 3 out of 5 star rating!

I chose it for 2 reasons:

  • Transparency: fundamental for us at Ernani! Even negative feedback can in fact be useful to improve us and to you to understand better!
  • To help you in case you have had the same problem.

Let's start from an assumption: the acidity in coffee is a virtue!

A coffee that does not express acidity is considered to be of poor quality on an objective level and according to internationally defined parameters.

Having said that, however, I also understand that no one can be forced to appreciate a quality that disturbs him during the tasting phase. Of course, with experience and tasting only quality coffee, you will no longer be able to do without it, I say this from personal experience!

But I repeat: tastes are tastes and cannot be argued! You just have to choose the right coffee!

But don't worry we have thought of you too!

In fact, not all the coffees we offer have fresher and more citrus aromatic notes, just to offer a wide range of coffees able to cover different tastes!

Our blends suitable for you will therefore be Vivace and Stretto, as well as Adagio if you want decaffeinated!

I don't know how to explain how much these reviews please me and the whole team. When we started roasting coffee in a way that was a little different from traditional methods, we were afraid of not being understood or of having anticipated the times too much. But after a few years all our work paid off.

And this is only possible thanks to our customers and to you who inform you and listen to new information.

We can only say thank you a thousand times and continue to do our best to offer ever more quality coffee.

I'm also waiting for your feedback!

Martina Mazzoleni 

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