Merry Christmas from all the Caffè Ernani team


Merry Christmas from all the Caffè Ernani team!

It has been a great year of changes and new projects. A recovery, albeit a little slow, from the global pandemic.

We have worked tirelessly throughout the year to offer you quality coffee, along with projects that involve multiple sectors.

The goal of all this?

Give you the opportunity to get to know a little more about the magical roasted bean, which you consume and love every day.

We are really passionate about this sector and we fall in love with it more and more every day. Every new feature, every new coffee we taste, every piece that completes the puzzle makes us even more proud to be part of this world.

We hope to be able to pass on even a little bit of all this to you, because as we always say ...

A coffee is never just a coffee!

Our mission is precisely to make everyone a little more aware of this dark cup, so as not to take it for granted, but to be able to fully appreciate it in its entirety.

This obviously does not only concern coffee, but everything that surrounds us. We are aware that every single object or service we use has a story to tell. We try to do our part by talking about what we know best.

Now no more chatter, this will be a very short article, different from the usual ones, with the sole purpose of wishing you a Merry Christmas.

The Caffè Ernani team

Claudia Maria Viganò - CEO and Administration 


Luca Mazzoleni - Sales Manager 


Paolo Sangalli - Head roaster and Brand Ambassador 


Renzo Bozzato - Mechanical 


Martina Mazzoleni - Marketing specialist, E-commerce manager and Brand Ambassador 


Andrea Mazzoleni - Roaster 


Fabio Arapi - Flagship store manager 


Marco Silva - Bartender  


Monia Vigerzi - Bartender


Andrea Nesticò - Bartender 


Carolina Alfonzetti - Bartender 


Francesco Marrazzo - Bartender 


Alessandra Trigolo - Bartender 


Riccardo Marinelli - Bartender 


We are waiting for you again tomorrow until 7.30 pm for your last minute gifts!

Still many good wishes for a Merry Christmas,

The whole Caffè Ernani team

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