All about the Armonia blend


Do you already know the Armonia blend of Caffè Ernani?

The sweetest and most balanced blend by Ernani, thanks to which you will learn how to drink coffee without sugar!

It's a simple blend, but one that expresses a great personality. Balanced, but surprising at the same time.

The time has come to know everything about Armonia: its composition, its characteristics, taste and many tips for extraction in espresso, with mocha, in filter and with capsules!

Paolo, as Ernani's chief roaster, was looking for a new blend, after the creation of Blue Diamond, Allegro and Vivace, that could express sweetness, without bitterness and acidity.

Although the fresh acidity typical of Arabica coffees is a great value and we all appreciate them at Caffè Ernani, we also understand that a person used to drinking dark roasted coffee, mainly bitter, could be bothered by the acidity.

This is why Paolo decided to create a sort of "entry level" blend: balanced, mostly sweet and with an intense aroma. In this way, anyone who tastes a fine medium roasted coffee for the first time will be able to appreciate it to the fullest and understand the enormous differences from a dark roasted coffee.

Being sweet, it's also perfect for anyone trying to get the sugar packet out of their coffee!

Drinking unsweetened coffee is the only possible way to taste it fully and be able to enjoy all its aromatic nuances: sugar alters the true taste of coffee!


For this reason, the selection of raw coffees was focused on a natural Arabica coffee, which would bring sweetness to the cup, resulting overall soft and enveloping.

Then combining it with always natural robusta coffees, which did not bring excessive bitterness, but attributed a good body and intensity.

This is how the Brazilian Santos Cerrado Bom Chocolate Arabica was chosen, together with the Robusta beans from Central Africa.


Sensory description

The taste is perfectly balanced between sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Overall it is a blend that does not have a broad aromatic spectrum, but the aromas present are well defined and persistent over time: cocoa, caramel and nuts.

The body is enveloping and round.


It is perfect both for a breakfast, excellent with milk, and for an afternoon snack.


Armonia is therefore suitable for you if you are looking for a balanced, intense and creamy blend and especially if you want to try drinking sugar-free coffee for the first time!



Medium Roasting 

Everything is then enhanced by the Medium Roasting, Ernani's distinctive signature on all its products, carried out separately for each single origin.

In fact, the coffees are only assembled after roasting!


The Medium Roasting maximizes all the natural aromas and qualities of raw coffee, extracting only the best from each bean.

Finally, it never makes the coffee excessively bitter, therefore perfect to be enjoyed even without sugar!




Extraction methods 

Here are some tips on the 4 possible macro extractions:

  • Expresso coffee
  • Moka pot 
  • Paper filter method 
  • Capsules


I anticipate that Armonia coffee is able to give its best in espresso, mocha and capsules.



Expresso coffee

Extracted in espresso we recommend a dose of 7.5 / 8gr. per person to obtain an intense, creamy and above all fragrant cup.

Already on the nose you can perceive a strong aroma of cocoa and roasted, which is then found again when tasted.

In this case, acidity is almost absent, while sweetness and bitterness are well balanced.


Overall it is a good coffee, soft, enveloping and easy to drink without sugar.




Moka Pot

Now with the moka: the nose has an intense aroma of cocoa and roasted.

But, with this extraction method, the bitterness is slightly enhanced.

The aftertaste remains a persistent hint of bitter cocoa.

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Paper filter methods 

If extracted in a filter, on the other hand, an intense chocolate scent is immediately perceived on the nose.


To be a blend and not a single origin, in the filter it is a good coffee, in which the sweetness is maximized, it almost seems there is honey or caramel inside. The taste of cocoa is less intense than in espresso.

The bitterness and acidity are hardly noticeable.

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In a capsule, in our case compatible with Nespresso, the sweetness is further enhanced than in mocha and espresso, making you forget the more acidic or bitter notes.

The supreme scent that is felt is that of dark chocolate.

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To find out how to extract coffee with different extraction methods, watch the videos on:


The Armonia blend, chocolaty, intense and sweet, is waiting for you!


Martina Mazzoleni 

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