The men of Caffè Ernani: Alessandro


Hi Alessandro! First of all thank you for taking the time.

Together with you today we introduce another face of Ernani!

Let's start right away: first tell me about your previous professional and educational experiences at Caffè Ernani!

Hi Martina!

We're going to have a good chat today, I was looking forward to it too!

So: my studies refer to the scientific-technological high school. I did not opt for the ordinary scientific high school because I like laboratories and opting for the former I had the chance to experiment with those of chemistry and physics.

Then at university the process was long: six months of pure mathematics and then two years of nursing, always to have that practical part of the job, which I understood to be fundamental for me.

Even the latter, however, turned out to be another path that was not right for me. So I retired and started doing jobs to support myself, while looking for the right path.

A somewhat troubled start!

Yes enough. My last job was as a butcher in a supermarket chain. It was here that I understood at least the fixed points of a hypothetical future work:

  • physical mobility;
  • manual work;
  • with the possibility of growth;
  • in contact with the customer.

And what was missing in the supermarket?

The possibility of growth.

It wasn't a bad environment, on the contrary, but I had the opportunity to grow and this made me lose motivation.

I understand! Motivation for me is fundamental in my work, without it I just can't get anything done.

Anyway, now we have a picture of your previous experiences, but tell us a little more about yourself: what do you do in your spare time? Do you have hobbies or passions?

My main hobby is hanging out with friends and socializing. I really like the contact with people, I like being able to have fun even just at a table in front of a beer.

Whenever I can in the evening, after work, I go out for just half an hour.

Then I like football, both to play and to watch. I have been a sportsman for twelve years and I still enjoy playing a game if I have the chance.

My last passion are manga, especially those that have battles as their main topic, they are called battle shonen. I like them because they have the ability to deal with topics that go beyond the most common discussions, which we are used to hearing or having on a daily basis.

I've never read a manga, but I hear more and more passionate people and I'm getting curious to find out more. You will definitely recommend me something!

So we know your story and what you like. Now can you tell us about your role in Ernani?

Of course! Let's get to the point rightly!

I am the new warehouse keeper and consignee. I take care, together with Luca and Renzo, of customer management, in addition to the delivery of the actual product.

We can say that my role is responsible for logistics and the correct storage of goods.

And as I said before, it is perfect for me: it is practical, it has movement during the day, I have the opportunity to stay in contact with the customer and I can grow within the company.

And we are happy that you have joined. Many may underestimate your role, but if the customers get the always flawless product it is thanks to you. If there are no delays and everything always rotates efficiently, it's thanks to you!

Now, always going straight to the point as I like it, let's ask the last questions, the "ritual" ones:

  • What do you like most about Ernani?
  • What would you change instead?
  • Why did you choose Ernani?
  • What goal do you have?

We are two then who like to go straight to the point:

  • I like Ernani's resourcefulness, from the outside it may seem like a small old-fashioned family business, but it's not! There is a methodical organization of each role and task, as well as impeccable and precise managerial management. They have great ambition and I believe it!
  • The only thing I would change are a couple of passes that compete with me, to make them just a little leaner.
  • I chose to come and work here because they offered me the opportunity to get involved and grow professionally. I finally feel responsible for something and I can't wait to show what I can give. Furthermore, I did not know the world of coffee at all, but before starting the work I had to follow all the courses of their Academy and I discovered a huge world that fascinated me. Nobody would expect that behind a cup of coffee there is all this!
  • Finally, my goal is to grow professionally, take responsibility and always develop new skills.

I'm sure you will do it! If you have a clear goal in your mind and put the right effort into it, you will reach it, so good luck!

Thanks for everything Alessandro, see you next time!

Martina Mazzoleni

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