The men of Caffè Ernani: Renzo


Hi Renzo! First of all, thank you for taking the time to interview me, I guess it's never easy for you, being one of the busiest at Caffè Ernani Distribuzione!

Let's first talk about your previous professional and educational experiences at Caffè Ernani!

Hi Martina, yes, you know how well you know, finding free time is difficult, but I'm glad to be able to do the interview!

Then let's get started right away!

Let's say that my professional career started very early: my first job was as a painter with my father at the age of 14.

I therefore immediately entered the world of "adults", learning the meaning of responsibility, learning a practical profession. I understood what it means to "get busy" and all this formed me as a person.


After that I worked as a turner for a couple of years and went back to being a house painter again, up to the age of 19.

June 31, 1991 was the date that marked my career: I became a commercial agent and maintenance mechanic.

This job has given me stability, satisfaction and opportunity.

I was also able to combine customer relationships with practical work, thus offering a complete figure: able to present the company and provide an essential technical service.

Then when our old boss sold the company in 2003, Luca, Claudia and I decided to take over it, thus becoming entrepreneurs of a small company in Brianza. At the time we only dealt with the distribution of roasted coffee in the channel, now we have grown and we produce our own coffee, following our tastes and our ideals.


Why did you decide to change the area?

In reality, I have never seen it as a coveted change, I have always done very practical jobs, where my hands built and produced the final product, the coffee sector simply won. It sounds almost ridiculous and boring, but it is perhaps one of the most beautiful worlds that can be known.

When we then decided to open the production and the greatest Italian professionals came to train us, it was exciting to hear them speak and actively participate in the creation of our coffees.

How would you describe your relationship with customers?

I would say: simple, clear and direct.

Since then I started making deliveries I have been able to forge more meaningful bonds, see them more frequently and therefore learn more about their problems and support them even more.

Everyone knows very well that they can tell me everything they need, there is trust and transparency, always!

So what do you like most about this job?

My personal satisfaction in always being able to find a solution to everything and by now knowing the coffee machines in depth.

Going a little more personal, on the other hand, do you have other hobbies and passions?

As a boy I have always been a sportsman, from cycling, to football, to karate.

Now I have passed on the passion for football to my son and I like to be able to follow him and see all his matches.

We are almost done, only the "usual questions" are missing:

  • what do you like most about Ernani?
  • what would you change instead?
  • why did you choose Ernani?
  • what goal do you have?
  • what is your favorite Ernani coffee?

Surely what I like most about Ernani is the product and the philosophy behind it: continuous research and experimentation to always obtain something more.

And for the moment I'll tell you, I wouldn't change a thing. We have already made huge changes to the organizational structure and business processes. Then of course we can always do better and we will. But for a moment I tell you that I am happy like this!

My goal is to grow continuously, even after a 36-year career! Reason why I had chosen this company at the time: it gave me the opportunity to grow professionally.

Then I would like to be joined by a young boy to whom I can pass on everything I have learned over the years.

Finally, my favorite coffee is without a doubt the Vivace!


If I can I would also like to give advice to everyone: get trained!

I too started learning from the experience of my older colleagues, but training must accompany this phase. For some it seems like a waste of time ... I often hear people say "what do I have to study to make a simple coffee that I have been making for 30 years?"

Trust that you can't even imagine the sheer size of this industry, and being able to discover it is the fun part!

Thanks Renzo, I absolutely agree with you!

At first I also thought "oh well it's a coffee, how many will it take to make it?" but no!

If you want to become true experts and professionals in the sector, you need years and years of study as well as, of course, continuous practice in the field!

Thanks again for your time!

Martina Mazzoleni 

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