All about the Vivace blend


Do you already know the Vivace blend of Caffè Ernani?

It's the perfect blend to pair with milk, especially if you're looking for a nice boost of caffeine!

The Vivace is also perfect for your restaurant, offering a full body and a compact cream!

It is a creamy, intense and full-bodied blend, dominated by a pleasant bitterness.

Read the article and find out:

  • Why it was created
  • The composition
  • Features
  • The roasting
  • The taste
  • Who is it suitable for
  • Extraction tips in espresso, mocha, filter and capsules!



Paolo, as Ernani's roaster, was looking for an intense blend, with a greater bitterness than the other blends so far introduced (Blue Diamond >>, Allegro >>, Armonia >>), and energizing, perfect for starting the day.

All this, however, always leaving that delicate freshness, given by the Arabica beans.

That's why he decided to include Central and South American Arabica coffees and African Robusta coffees. The result had to be that of a blend where acidity, sweetness and bitterness did not prevail over each other.

Composition of the mixture

The blend is made up of a higher percentage of Robusta coffee than that of Arabica.

You will find specifically:

  • A delicate freshness brought by the washed Arabica: the Colombia Supremo Finca la Meseta;
  • A good sweetness brought by natural Arabica: the Brazilian Santo Cerrado Bom Chocolate;
  • And a slight bitterness brought by the natural robust, from Congo, Tanzania and Ivory Coast. This also brings good body to the cup, especially when extracted in espresso.

Sensory description

The taste is an intense coffee with marked notes of cocoa, nuts and spices, all accompanied by a delicate fresh fruity note.

Occasion of use

The amount of caffeine present makes it perfect as a coffee to drink in the morning for an energizing breakfast.

Useful to

The Vivace is therefore suitable for you if you are looking for an intense, creamy and full-bodied coffee, with a pleasant bitterness and delicate fruity notes.


Medium roast

Everything is then enhanced by the Medium Roasting, Ernani's distinctive signature on all its products, carried out separately for each single origin.

The Medium Roasting maximizes all the natural aromas and qualities of carefully selected raw coffee, bringing the best of each bean to the cup.

Finally, it never makes the coffee excessively bitter, therefore perfect to be enjoyed without sugar.

Be careful, however, as it enhances all the qualities, it also enhances all the defects, so it is necessary to start from a high quality raw material!

Extraction methods

Here are some tips on the four possible macro extractions:

  • Expressed
  • Moka
  • Paper filter
  • Capsules

I anticipate that the Vivace makes its best in espresso and capsules.


Extracted in espresso, we recommend a dose of 7-7.5 grams per person to obtain an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 94 ° C.

On the nose you can perceive a marked aroma of cocoa and toasted, which we then find in the palate.

The acidity in this case is almost absent, recalling only some slight floral scent, while the bitterness is well present, even if never annoying, with notes of bitter cocoa.

Overall it is a good coffee for morning awakening.


Mocha pot

It is a little bit more bitter, due to the extraction method and the high temperatures.

The acidity is completely absent, while the hints of cocoa are always present.


Paper Filter

If extracted in a filter, few and not very intense aromas are perceived on the nose.

In fact, it is not an exceptional coffee for filter extractions, but it also has no negative notes.

Compared to other coffees, in the filter it expresses a not very broad aromatic spectrum.



It is very similar to espresso, but differs in greater sweetness and less bitterness, thus resulting overall more balanced.


To find out how to extract the best coffee with all extraction methods, watch the videos of @caffeernani on:

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